Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Dear Santa,
Hope you don't think me extreme,
To ask for things seen only in dreams.
No gadgets or toys beneath the tree,
I know that it's magic you can bring me.

With twirling, bouncing fireballs to play.
I'll taste chocolate planets and drink milky way.
Riding rockets of candy and space ships that boom,
I'll rest on cloud mattress on Marshmallow moons.

If not too much trouble, for all kids can this be?
Too lonely I'd be if the fun's just for me.
You too would enjoy the season so merry
Not having to read nor letter nor querry.

As so well you know, we're all naughty and nice
Why not give happiness, you know there's no price.
Something extraordinary's what I'd like to see
The laughter of children. Imaginations free.

Hopeful Kid

P.S. No job will you have once you grant me my wish

You can play, romp or eat or just sit and catch fish.


Submitted to One Shot Poetry. Stop by there and read some fantastic writing.


  1. I want to be a Kid again! love it

  2. Loved this fanciful imagination that came from a person whose heart is very much child-like. Myrna, this piece unravels your personality, which I am so glad to know.

    Glad that you are around.

    Joy always,

  3. how fun...and i like the wish that is made and that it is made for all boys and girls...that shows much of the writers heart, which i think puts them on the nice list...smiles.

  4. tasting chocolate planets...hmmm.. such a lovely and heartfelt write myrna - i enjoyed the read and if i were santa - be sure - you would get what you asked for...

  5. Cute and innocent..straight from a childs heart

  6. So true!! Happiness is all we need!

    Lovely poem



  7. so innocent! yeah..hopeful kid,i join him and hope Santa is listening..:)

  8. Such a thoughtful child! Nice One Shot, Myrna!

  9. awww...that was so sweet, Myrna!!!! Maybe if we all wish together, Santa will grant us our wish... don't you think?! And then we (including Santa) can alllll be happy... yaaaayyyy

    I really ENJOYED this beautiful poem, my dear friend... a very noble thought put in here...

    Love and Peace to you..

  10. Imagination in IS free! Creative, fun write! Cheers

  11. Lovely poem Myrna! It was a fun poem to read. I got lucky being able to read it in two places this week. Thank you for sharing on one shot and potluck!

  12. You spin such a delightful web with the choice of your words! Santa should grant your every wish after this wonderful poem!

  13. That is a wonderful, pure, beautiful poem.

  14. kid logic :)

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  15. Myrna,
    In all its innocence, the kid would be aptly rewarded. Santa has a way of picking out. Beautiful piece!

  16. Beautiful childhood innocence, dreams of fantasy and fun. Lovely rhymes.

  17. What an adorable and honest piece :-) Great job with the rhymes too.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. dear Myrna, sorry I am behind reading your great posts - it has been a hectic time! - I love the innocence and candid words of this kid! If only kids can remain like that longer... if we could be more like kids forever.

  19. I love it. Asking for happiness for Christmas is so cool because that's all any of us really desire in the first place!

  20. This is fantastic! Love the imagery & really love the shift into happiness....to be able to grant that wish! This time of year is the hardest at work, all the gifts in the world don't change abuse/neglect or the separation from parents. Thanks for the smile & have a wonderful holiday!