Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A magic book
contains my story
changing yet complete
reads each page
sometimes skimming
to oblivion
I live the tale
illusion's protagonist
weaving drama
time limitless
reads on.
Submitted to One Shot Poetry. If you want to read some fantastic writing, visit the site. You'll enjoy.
Like me, I'm sure many of you are going through a period of reflection. A new year approaches and time accompanies our choices as we create our lives. I take this demarcation of time to establish many intentions and decisions. I hope they are all realized.
I hope you realize your dreams and may time be your friend. Happy New Year!!! Prospero Ano Nuevo!!!


  1. Myrna this is lovely "chaning yet complete...time reads each page"...indeed.

    wishing you a year filled with blessing, joy and sweet peace:)

  2. time reads each page - i like this!
    and i'm reflecting way too much - all through the year - sometimes living more inside than outside..and i don't like it.. but well - guess that's how it is... wishing you a wonderful start into the new year myrna with lots of poetry ahead :=)

  3. "illusion's protagonist / weaving drama..." We all write our own scripts, seemingly for both past & future. Our dreams may be the most fun to write, read, and realize. Like how you express these ideas poetically. Write and read one!

  4. a wonderful new year pondering the story complete yet still being written...i hope you continue to find your dreams as well...smiles

  5. I like the pervading tone of hope and vitality. I too like 'illusionist's protagonist.'

  6. Well, everyday for me is like the one you have mentioned but it becomes special on the last day of the year as it the mother of all reflections.

    I wish you joy always,

  7. Oh I just love this poem.

  8. Love this, very thought provoking as I too am finding myself searching new ideas and pathways before me as I enter this new year and new journey.

  9. Beautiful, I will have to check out this site!
    I look forwarding to getting to know you better in the New Year! I hope time is on your side, too~

  10. Beautiful, Myrna! I believe that 2011 will be THE year for many dreams to come true!

  11. Your poem made me pause with a sigh. Time is infinite yet precious.
    Wishing you a beautiful New Year.

  12. happy 2011.
    your story is told or can be told in many ways and

    love your poetry,
    keep it up.

  13. Love this ~ many blessings this New Year Myrna!

  14. Happy New year dear friend, may 2011 be a wonderful and prosperous one.;)

  15. Prospero Ano Nuevo, mi amiga. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem as we embark on a new year. God bless.

  16. Happy New Year, dear Myrna. I'm so glad I know you and get to enjoy your beautiful take on life through gifted words.

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  18. Happy New Year Myrna! Your poem is beautiful.