Thursday, December 9, 2010


The mother put it away after hours of watching her daughter's fun and laughter as she slid down the little snow mountain at the end of the block. All the neighborhood kids were there too, taking for granted the wonder of a winter playground.

As the mother contemplated the sled, she remembered her astonishment, her annoyance when many years ago, she first experienced snow. "I've got speckles in my eyes," she complained, trying to brush them away. The adults laughed and reminisced about their own recent introduction to the white specks. They talked about the contrast between their beautiful island paradise and these mean, cold, dirty streets. Still, it was beautiful when it snowed... before it slushed to hues of yellow and grey. They taught her how to play in it. Even South Bronx poverty included fun.

Smiling, the mother let out a deep sigh. Her daughter could not imagine how her privileges came about. Living in a nice suburb of Long Island, in a lovely home, her daughter's life flowed within the luxuries of middle America. To the daughter, the sled was a mere toy, to the mother a symbol - of struggles overcome, of escape.

Thanks again Willow for the great picture prompt at Magpie Tales.


  1. nice...i like the close...a symbol indeed of maybe a little better life and hope for the next generation...

  2. Lovely symbolism here. Well done, Myrna.

  3. love stories about mothers and daughters.
    unconditional love is cool,
    positive and elegant magpie.
    keep it up.

  4. Wonderful little gem!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  5. Perspectives of different generations. We so take things for granted. Life goes on . . .

    Hope you are doing well, dear Myrna :)

    Joy always,

  6. what a beautiful story and such thought provoking symbolism.

  7. How simply precious this symbolism is....

  8. Very touching but very true in many cases. A life of abundance from modest beginnings. A welcomed prose, a respite from the usual poems!

  9. for one a simple toy - but for the other a symbol of escape - this is strong

  10. This speaks volumes to me as I grew up as a child of immigrants. And I know how much my parents sacrificed for us, the kids, so we could grow up and have a better life...
    Beautiful story...

  11. Hope you well,
    Happy Sunday!

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    Thanks for the lovely support.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Myrna, this is such a beautiful story said in such a simple, yet profound way. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memory.


  13. Oh... a very beautiful read, Myrna...
    Painful reflections... yet bringing a happy tear to one's eyes...
    A great take on the Magpie!

  14. A great piece. An interesting perspective on snow, too!