Monday, December 13, 2010


Sleepless, thoughts plunged into inkwells of night splashing
darkness. Impossible that dawn enlightens souls lost,
wanderers like me, caught in a web dipped in crazy glue... stuck,
within immobile motion, pulling down.

Pointless to sleep if upon awakening...nothing exists
really - only illusion recycled, a tumbling void, artificial
life pretending. Finally, warm milky curtain fell, comforted,
dimmed and transformed nocturnal torment to dreams.

Now, the lucid light of day glows, consciousness
illuminating. Bleak darkness of night forgotten, irrelevant.
Immersed within ... this mystery again, passionately
seeking substance, following my bliss...I write.

Submitted to Jingle Poetry.


  1. Oh boy have you captured insomina well. I have been there too many times to count. Wonderful writing Myrna.

  2. I know this space so well...been there too many times...beautifully expressed, Myrna...I wish for you peaceful dreams and an easier time finding them this evening!

  3. Wow! That is so real! I've been there and it's almost like you read my mind (just more eloquently than I could ever say it!) Great piece, Myrna!

  4. ugh...cant stand those nights...luckily i dont get them often but every once in a feels just like that...

  5. You are going deep in these posts!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  6. Been there, my friend! A very well portrayed image of sleeplessness.. and then finally, when morning dawns, a new light fills you up... aaahhh.. bliss!

    A lovely write, Myrna..

  7. Been there and you captured it well! it is everything and more...
    I wonder what you will come with next Myrna...

  8. You're such a beautiful writer Myrna. I always enjoy your writing so much! I hope you get some sleep tonight. :)

  9. I suffer from insomnia too, everything becomes so dreary and difficult under the onyx veil of the night... I can relate... And the dawn is always welcomed after a restless night.;))

  10. I am awake in the nights as I am completing my thesis. I feel that nights without sleep are nights wasted. Eventhough I am doing something useful, I yearn for sleep. But insomnia, I am unaware of. I am glad that your bitter experience has given you a worthwhile post which connects many people.

    Take care, dear Myrna.

    Joy always,

  11. I really like the image inkwells of night splashing darkness and how you thread your emotions so well in your poem.

  12. it is close to reality, Dear,
    well done!
    Happy Tuesday!

    You rock!


  13. Sleepless, thoughts plunged into inkwells of night splashing darkness...i LOVED this!! don't like those nights though...

  14. following my bliss, i write too. nice to read :)

  15. Great job; Loved it! I have had a few nights like this~ My son has insonmia~ You made the torment beautiful~

  16. Oh, to follow that bliss! What else can there be?

  17. your words made me feel the desperation of those nights where time stops and every single detail is enhanced and mysterious...mind games of a tired brain!

  18. Beautifully written. I agree about following one's bliss.

  19. Let's follow that one, Bliss. Nice work.

    Happy Holidays,