Sunday, October 10, 2010

Word Verification

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Whenever on line I go to say Hello,
To tell my friends how nice they wrote,
My identity is questioned so, that after hours of wondering go,
Googly I respond, though really, I don't know.

Then, to prove that I'm legitimate,
I'm directed to write something quite illiterate.
To verify that I'm no spamer,
I must write a word like jammer.

Useless it seems to waste unheard,
So full of spaces and letters those words.
Discarded with much potential,
No meaning, a life inconsequential.

We must accept all things nonsensical.
The pathological, illogical, the comical.
Otherwise, we get too serious
To life's aburdities we become oblivious.

Hope I'm not too silly with this.
My only intention, my only wish,
Is to create something while playing,
Irrational sounds displaying.


Glyinti are your eyes when feeling aligaled.
You bosper words of uvradee
and laughing I eupyist cands in my hands
to let you know the terseat of my soul.

Spinechi spills mishers of monforb over the horizon.
The hectspol serves only to convince you of my leashymo,
as we clecci, then in silence
to watch the waves of nonses and porailly go softly by our noses.
The silly words are actually some I got during word verification. I truly was feeling silly this morning.


  1. Oh I hate those things! Oh I hate hate hate those things! They drive me insane and make me question my eyesight too! Great poem!

  2. haha. brilliantly played...i so hate word verification...i understand why, i just cant stand it...

  3. This is so funny! I should start taking screen shots of the sillier and weirder word verifications. And some are so truthful they're stranger than fiction!!

  4. That is so funny and so true.
    I laugh because I feel that way too.
    But I ask you what can we possibly do?
    Our comments mean the world to others.
    These crazy blogger words we just have to suffer.
    fantastic poem :)

  5. You made me laugh! I am intrigued by the word verification puzzles. I have come across some wacky non-words over the last few years. Kind of fun!

    You are a beautiful person. God bless.

  6. clever!!! you made my Sunday night... I hate word verification - you have no idea how many times my comments get lost due to internet failure because of that extra step - but you made me find them amusing today.

  7. Brilliant play of words and thoughts. How I hate word verifications but I tolerate it like a bitter pill as it leads me to my fellow bloggers' wonderful world.

    I admire your will to write something on something insignificant as "word-verification."

    Hope the week started off on a lovely note and that you're not feeling silly anymore.

    Joy always,

    P. S: My word verification today: tamon

  8. i was talking about you today over at for some one that just just started writing poetry i am duly impressed with your progrss in not even a month...smiles.

  9. so true & very clever way to frame it!

  10. Oh Myrna! You just made me laugh out loud! So many of us have talked about those silly non-words and how someone should start a blog just about them! :D
    Great poem and loved the Nonses!! And hey,,,you just told me you haven't been writing! :)

  11. ha ha - really love this...made me smile..and i confess...i hat word verifications..
    heard that you just started to write poetry a month ago..that's're doing well!!

  12. I love that you wrote about this. You did a great job of adding humor to something that can be so annoying. I will now post this comment but not before I do my word verification! :)

  13. Delightful response to those whimsical and sometimes amazing oracles of verification :)

  14. I share your amusement at the odd Word Verification words that pop up.

    I often share them in my comments, along with a Definition that I give them.

    (Once I even tried posting a list of them for people to add their own definitions, but unfortunately it didn't go very far)

    Quite the amusing One Shot, Myrna!

    DEFINITION: a vegetable commonly found in casseroles made by Oompa Loopahs

  15. super brilliant poem.
    you have poetry talent in nature.