Thursday, October 14, 2010

The One

The One

Only half? Only half the door is open
shedding light into this house so dark, so lonely?
Shadows lurking, fear creating.
Monsters snickering,
rejoicing, they cheer
the One in fright, immobilized,
by ignorance victimized.

Only half the door is open
in this house, the horrors haunting
the One in passive immobility,
unaware of possibility,
of unlocked latches taunting
freedom outside waiting, swaying
in breezy light its joy displaying.

Only half the door remains unclosed,
concealing and revealing spaces unexplored,
fields of knowledge, mystery and more.
The house in shadows will remain.
The One ideas refusing to entertain,
of liberty, a mind without restrain.
Instead the One inanimate, of true spirit devoid,
Familiar monsters prefers.
The breath of Day the One avoids.
This has been a magpie tale prompt from Willow.


  1. Wow! Another brilliantly crafted piece. I love the way you present two sides to the door. Reminds me of the half-full, half-empty glasses.

    Myrna, wish you a lovely and insightful weekend.

    Joy always,

  2. very nice myrna...a very complex thought realted so well in your verse...why is it the half is closed, what does it hide? what does it restrain...and what if it were dragged into the light...

  3. ...of unlocked latches taunting...gave me shivers..

  4. so nicely written. It really makes you think as it has various meanings.

  5. This is gorgeous. I have seen oil paintings by a Parisian artist that puts me in mind of this poem. Really beautiful, Myrna!

  6. bravo... this could be a good post for domestic violence awareness as well! The One...I couldn't help thinking about this song by Metallica:
    "Darkness imprisoning me
    All that I see
    Absolute horror
    I cannot live
    I cannot die
    Trapped in myself
    Body my holding cell" One, Metallica

  7. Marvelously evocative!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  8. I love this...your creative well seems to be overflowing since you embarked on this poetry journey!

  9. It does take courage to live life freely and experience all of its possibilities - but that's what maturity is all about, right? To step out and see if we can really walk on water or go through that new door of opportunity and risking failure? Keep 'em coming, that was delicious!

  10. This makes me think about the "doors" in my life. How many are open but I don't go through them because I don't yet see the possibilities. Definitely something to think about!

    Very nice poem and as always, your writing always gives me something to think about.

  11. Very nice. Always two sides and two ways to look at everything. I'm trying to switch from pessimism back to optimism. Lovely writing as always.

    xo Erin

  12. Myrna
    It is haunting yet somewhere within there is sadness. Brilliant!

  13. Just thinking how cool it would be to push through that door.