Friday, October 1, 2010


Hardly ever does my flame dance
to that silent rhythm that flickers to and fro
no longer turned on by your needs
your cold, unveiled fear reaching for me
in the middle of the night.
In silence, still, Destiny
awaits as I remember how it used to be.
Imitation radiance now replaces me.
Until through nature's whim, unpredictably fierce
you grasp at me, cling to me breathing
relief at my fire
the safe pulsating glare of my light.
This has been a Magpie Tale.
(Sorry. I hope I didn't disturb any of you who get automatic posts. I had trouble posting this and so repeated several times.)


  1. Not flickering--being still--can be a rich blessing; still, memories haunt.

  2. Poor flame.
    What troubles him so?
    Perhaps that days are becoming
    Much less warmer
    His love is a blue flame
    Two rooms from him
    This blue flame who spends her life
    Heating of sustenance from a black pot

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  3. woohoo! you are on a poetic roll....those last 3 lines are it!

  4. Daily S. this was truly well written. I love the line, "Imitation radiance now replaces me" especially after the first line. What a beautiful way to say, he just doesn't do it for me anymore. You also turned it into a story, by adding his fear, the cold grasp and his clinging relief at the well-faked pleasure. Sad but true how often we fake it to make it and lose ourselves in the faking, while "he" has already lost us. Well Written and I love how you used the oil lamp for this one.

  5. you see? I told you! you are a poet! nice job!! lovely way of saying: you need me... you don't light my fire anymore...I am the fire.

  6. A poet is thus born . . . Good, Myrna. I see that you are rolling poems after poems. Great!

    Joy always,

  7. you write beautiful poems...
    Glad to read you.

  8. Myma.... I read this ...walked down stairs, made coffee, stood in thought, and then came back to read it again.

    what a great little package! your poetry is thought provoking! excellent job :))))))

  9. Myrna,
    This was really beautifully written. Imitation radiance now replaces me. That is my fav line. I can relate.

  10. very lovely poem and so true...

  11. This is wonderfully rich writing. Nice Mag. Love and Light, Sender

  12. Thanks for visiting and following... You write beautifully...

  13. Imitiation radiance - great line...very nice Magpie...bkm

  14. Myrna, this is gorgeous! I got chills at the end.

  15. Courageous poem of the truth of being a care giver, a carer, a human being making your way towards ?

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  16. aww...sometimes people just need a light and are afraid to ask :)

    and you are there

    I truly loved and felt every word of this

  17. it is good to keep the fire burning..

  18. Beautifully written, depth, rich to the senses, nicely done.

  19. A poet blossms! Love the last 3 lines on breath!

  20. /This was well written for sue. I love the lines, too on breath. Thanks for stopping by.

  21. love how you start this...Hardly ever does my flame dance to that silent rhythm that flickers to and fro....that creates such an atmosphere..beautiful

  22. Ooo...I especially like that last line!

  23. This is an amazing poem Myrna! :-)

  24. ...the safe pulsating glare of my light.

    I like that. I feel it in me 2.

  25. Wowsa - this is really good. Maybe because I could read some of me in there. And it's like the photo makes the poem all the more striking with the unlit lamp. Great job.