Sunday, October 3, 2010


Besides being such a wonderful month, October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Dawn at Life Lines Journaling proposed that we write an alpha poem about something having to do with the Domestic Violence Awareness.


Dance to silent rhythms
Over and beyond
Majestic inner power
Entwined with Life,
Surpassing obstacles
That only serve to magnify
Intensity of purest Love
Constant and forgiving

Proclaim Universal Truth
Evolving within you
Actualize your strength
Combat with gentle, knowing kindness
Evil that taints the hearts of some


  1. nice one! I checked her post this morning...after reading yours I have now an idea of what to write and what to do to link back re: domestic violence awareness.

    Thanks a lot Myrna, as always, you are an inspiration. Have a great Sunday.

  2. look at you...moving on to acrostic poems now...dealing with the opposite a lot there is grat wisdom in your proposition...nicely done.

  3. Myrna: thanks for your comment on my post. Did you listen to the song? It is one that always gives me goosebumps... I was able to find one with english subtitles,so the lyrics were clear, but her voice and intention do the work.

  4. This is great. Being a survivor of domestic violence, this really touches me. It's something I want to start writing about and working with, as soon as it feels safe and comfortable. This is a great poem! You're great at writing poetry and a few months ago you didn't know you could do it yet! That rocks!

  5. magical and poetic dance,
    love your poem!

  6. So lyrical Myrna ~ thanks for joining in!

  7. Such an important education. Just signed up onMADE. My daughter,; blogs a lot about this.

  8. I just loved this dear Myrna. So happy to see you playing with words and of course the cause. Blogs are quite enriching that way: they bring out something from within us that we would have never ventured to find out otherwise.

    Enjoying this new leash of energy from you.

    Joy always,

  9. This should be read aloud and accompanied by a guitar softly playing.

  10. Beautiful! You always write so gorgeously Myrna! I didn't realize it was Domestic Violence Month. I will make sure I send out healing thoughts to all that suffer from such horror.

  11. "Combat with gentle knowing kindness the evil that taints...," wow. Powerful, poignant and to the point as always. Thanks for the heads up on this being Domestic Violence month. Happy Monday!

  12. actualize your strength...yes..this was beautifully written Myrna!

  13. Very well written.. I do write about Domestic Violence too.. I have written for a couple of Organizations as well.. Here- one from my poetry blog-

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