Sunday, September 19, 2010


Like an atumn leaf surrenders to the fall,

Its detachment from it all,

I see myself approach the unseen wall,

That separates day from nightfall.

My melancholy joy resists,

Thoughts in clusters that exist,

To prove that life is but a mist,

A speck of time that swiftly twists.

If that's the case then all the more,

To see and feel and explore,

What life's adventures have in store,

Before the wind takes me ashore.


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"You think you're never going to get old? Just you wait," she'd threaten knowing that I couldn't stop the days from accumulating. My grandmother was right and like her I now groan much too much, my bones creak, I can't stay up too late and I have joined the ranks of the wimps who can't drink coffee after a certain hour, lest it disturb their sleep. But that's all about the physical and some insist that it's the heart and mind that count.

If that's true, I am young and I intend to enjoy this youth, to explore, to learn and to write and let my spirit soar. Simple goals for a simple soul as she takes the flight of the autumn leaf.
(Thanks so much to those who encouraged that I try writing a poem. It was fun and something new to do in the autumn of my days.)


  1. very nice...i am excited to read your poetry...i was just pondering something similar the other day...does a leaf realise that it must die so that new life must come...i think you did wonderful...keep at it...

  2. Wonderful poem, Myrna, and I look forward to reading more...In the beautiful lyricism of your words, you touch upon topics of human mortality and the wonder of nature. Indeed, time stands still for nobody.

  3. Your poem is an invitation to live with passion. I love it.

  4. My favorite season. And that is a beautiful poem. Autumn does invite us to hold and let go and trust. I love that about Autumn.

  5. Like Brian, I am so very excited to partake in your new found talent. Brilliant, by Jove, Myrna. I loved it! Life inspires so many things. And Autumn is the time I was born. So I take this as a tribute to the season of my birth!

    Waiting for more from you, dear Myrna.

    Joy always,

  6. Beautiful poem. Beautiful topic. Autumn is my favorite time of year and always puts me in a good mood (and so does visiting your blog!).

  7. I LOVE your poem!! So brave of you to try at it and I knew it would be great! I think going to sleep earlier and stopping coffee earlier is not about getting "old" as much as it is about coming to that place in your life when you start to take better care of yourself. Taking care of your body is simply wisdom and gives you grace. Your heart is so youthful and your spirit is ever-new!

  8. I love it! and loved the fact that you did it - see? you are a great poet ;)

  9. A speck of time that swiftly true that is. Beautiful poem.

  10. You wrote that? .... the leaf surrendering to the fall.... Myrna I love it!! So poignantly beautiful. And the short story about aging - the body ages but not the spirit - was beautiful. I'm scared of you!! Congratulations! There's a lot of talent here in blogsville.

  11. Just wanted to say hello. Taking a breather before I get back to the mountains where there is no internet.

  12. Myrna - thanks for your nice words over at my blog
    and i like your autumn poem especially the surrender to the fall - the detachment - some great lines in there!
    So glad to meet you!

  13. What a lovely poem. Myrna, you are such a beautiful writer. I always enjoy everything you write. Maybe we'll see more poems from you in the future?

  14. you soared

    and brought us along!

    How wonderful you magician :)

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  15. Ah...melancholy joy. I love that. Fall is the season of my personal genesis.