Wednesday, August 4, 2010


That little voice inside my head is getting louder, clearer and it's making more sense. It seems that everywhere I turn, there is something that confirms its wisdom. Yet, I've tried to ignore it.


The Kids (daughter, husband and grandson) are gone. To recount the visit would be useless, since it was filled primarily with what most people's happy visits contain - food, friends, games, laughter and sheer enjoyment. Their departure is always sad for me as I return to my daily routines, which are so often repetitive, boring and unwanted. The quiet that remains in the house mimics the vacuum that is left in my heart.

My body too is showing signs - that perhaps I worked too hard, that maybe emotionally I invested too much. Now, I am left feeling empty, and harboring a cold. I feel lousy and that darned voice keeps nudging me.


"No, you don't have diabetes after all." My doctor's announcement, several weeks ago, pronounced me almost healthy, but I still have thyroid, hormones and arthritis issues to address. The doctor also made some statements much like the ones my little voice has been making. I nodded and agreed... but I lied and quickly buried his professional advice somewhere in my subconscious.

The Universe is conspiring and no matter what I read, I find messages similar to my inner voice's, as if written expressly for me, that call me to my deepest truth. This morning I read something that promised to transport me to blissful realms. It's advice made me mad because I'm tired of being nagged, but I could not deny that the bliss they speak of is at my reach. Many of the blogs I read are apparently in cahoots with that Universal Conscience and they too are talking about aging, yoga, and foods that enhance our well being. Well! Not what I want to hear!

But gradually, in spite of my resistance, I've processed these messages from life and I can ignore my little voice no longer. The solution or at least the best way to combat the moods, feelings, physical maladies I've been experiencing is through exercise. The little voice is right and it is merely trying to support me, in spite of my childish denials and resistance to what I know deeply is true.

"It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor."
Marcus Tullius Cicero

My body houses my spirit. It is the vessel that carries me on my chosen path. My little voice insists that I take care of it, that I actively participate in its maintenance.

Today, I make that commitment. I will exercise at least 3X's per week. Walking is my preferred method but I've also had yoga in mind for a long time, so who knows where this will lead - hopefully to a healthier me. It's hard to do this here, but I recently wrote a post about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. So, I'm doing it. My promise in cyberspace is to contribute towards my own good health. My body will benefit and undoubtedly, so will my spirit.

Care to join me?

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."

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  1. Listening to one's body is key to recovery in every sense. Those walks will do wonders to you physically and emotionally.