Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The other day my husband called me to our back patio, where he had sat to relax after a day of working in the yard. He happily and proudly proclaimed as he waved his arm from left to right, "How can I ever complain when I have all this." He pointed, not at our humble possessions, but at the sky where the sun was gradually hiding behind the horizon leaving a trail of striking colors and hues, which no human artist can paint. Everywhere we looked we were delightfully shocked by the vastness of beauty that surrounds us at any given moment. To take advantage of this natural spectacle all we have to do is simply notice.

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Now my glance is drawn to my left side, where a modest bouquet of fresh roses from our front garden, rests peacefully emitting a sweet scent that soothes and caresses my senses. Yesterday, with a gleam in his eyes, hubby presented me with these gentle Divine emissaries to keep me company as I engage in this entertaining techno hobby of mine. I stare at them and I am mesmerized by their quiet and serene existence. They lack awareness of their own temporary and captivating beauty.

This morning I was greeted by an unusual sky for these parts. It was overcast and the clouds hovered above playfully teasing those of us who love the rain, silently laughing and growing before exploding into a deluge of life giving water. The thunder sang its boisterous song as I watched the rain twinkle its age old dance.

Before that I basked in silence. I love the early morning before everyone else wakes up and intrudes on my conversations with stillness. The house seems almost lazy, as if it too wants to prolong the emptiness that fills its space. No movement, no sound, things just seem to hang in a delicious void which I relish.

The morning proceeded with my daily rituals - treats for Daisy, coffee for me, for a few moments I sat quietly listening to nothing but the faint hum of the computer before I opened it and began to play.

Once my family was up, my day proceeded predictably, filled with tending the two old ladies and trying intermittently to live as fully as possible.


I remember the days when I was busy; so busy I often made no time for lunch or even pee breaks. I was a workaholic and I wore the label proudly, deluding myself into thinking that my work gave me identity, that it showered me with prestige, that it symbolized my self-worth.

Even then though, I knew the value of stillness and tried to build it into my life when possible. But my grandiose delusion told me I was so important, my work was so important - how could I be expected to find the time to just be?

What's that saying? about hindsight? Well, it's not too helpful to look back lest we fall into the arms of regret. That's a waste of time, like guilt or shame. My comfort lies in at least now recognizing what's really important. Not that many of us could spend hours looking at the horizon, there's a living to be made right? But, there is such a thing as balance. I hope, if I'm ever born again, that I retain that tidbit of wisdom.

I think I'm digressing. Sorry. My objective was to write about being mindful and appreciating the little things that are available to us effortlessly, just by being aware of them.

For those of you who are still contestants in that proverbial rat race, may I, based on experience and good intention suggest that for your health - mental, physical and spiritual, you take the time to notice the big and little splendorous things around you. Really, smell your coffee and the roses. Stop and listen... to nothing but your own breath. Take a minute to honor your own splendor. The world will still revolve.

As for myself, I continue to learn. I still forget sometimes that the simple pleasures are life enhancing. That they are role models who know how to live in the present moment, available to me now, for free and with abundance.

I just went to reheat my coffee and my micro wave gives a little written message after doing its job. The Universe's manner of communication no longer surprises me. In big yellow letters in the microwave screen were the words:



  1. How often we lose ourselves in the gyre of life. First we want to work for ourselves then the same becomes an identity which makes us try even harder. The place where you dwell seems like a picturesque postcard. God bless you for that. I can imagine how nice it would be to look out of the window and feel a lovely sight that is awaiting your eyes, soul and heart.

    I wish you joy and love always,

  2. The simple things of life always seem to be the most difficult things to do or enjoy! I can picture you and your husband sitting in your backyard and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

  3. beautiful post! "all we have to do is notice"...truth

  4. Myrna, I absolutely love the way you write! "my conversations with stillness." I see so many lines in your work that speak huge, day-long pictures! I'm not technically in the rat-race as I have a blue-collar job, but I do feel it sucking away at my enjoyment of moments. It's a conscious effort we have to make every day, every moment that we can to really be here and know that we are here, with so much beauty to behold. Thank you for reminding me that I'm here!

  5. Thanks for your comments on my Magpie post. I appreciated your remarks. You should submit something. It is only my second time but it is very gratifying. The best part besides the challenge is the feedback from other writers. I enjoyed your post above.

  6. I love your blog and your "About me."
    Striving to remain sane caring for others, yet knowing Heaven is here. You are my sister!

    Thanks for finding me

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  7. Confirmation word was:


    Dia= concerning God

    Li= Asian concept of flow, line of energy...

    "God Flow Way'


  8. I love your photos and your very insightful reflection--thanks! I tried to "follow" you on Google, but something wasn't working right. I'll try again, and keep reading.

  9. To take in the sky is to breathe and to dream. This is a beautiful post.

  10. beautiful reminder Myrna, thanks a lot....somehow it is easier to worry about everything than to enjoy what we have.. or not have...
    "The most difficult part of keeping the faith is accepting that, no matter how hard you ask for what you want, you only get what you need…even when you don’t know it." Life according to me, lesson 15 - Casta Zero.