Friday, August 6, 2010



We are being told that the oil well is sealed or almost sealed. That's absolutely great! I am certain all sea creatures, the waters, the sands, corals, algae, the people of the Gulf coast and the entire Universe are rejoicing.

I am so glad. I am not sure what the companies involved intend to do, or can do to repair the damage but I hope they do not limit their focus to paying their legal debts, though I realize how important that is. I hope they also try to make amends to the ocean and its creatures.

As usual, I ask myself, "What can I do? My trite response makes me feel even more helpless, "Practically speaking, not much." I had a long, drawn out argument with myself - "Yes, do it." "No don't. People are tired of hearing about the Gulf, they may think you're a naive, silly, nagging Pollyanna." I won the dispute and decided that the least I could do was to humbly serve as a reminder.

Let's not forget. Let's keep sending our donations, prayers, good thoughts and energy to that region. The disaster affected us all. I'm sure the healing will too.

I received an email this morning informing me of a 30 minute Global Meditation that is taking place August 8, 2010 at 8pm, Pacific Standard Time. Just wanted to pass this on so anyone who is so inclined can participate. I'm planning to. It can do no harm, and I think it could benefit us all. So, why not? Meditation has been proven to positively affect a significantly large radius; decreasing crime in California. Imagine the benefits of a Global effort to heal the Gulf. For more information -

I bet you didn't know I could telepathically talk to the animals. They're saying any help is welcome. I'm telling them we won't let them down.


  1. Thanks Myrna for posting about this global meditation on Aug 8. I didn't know about it and plan on participating as well.

  2. Thank You for this information.

  3. Love your blog. I am your newest follower.

  4. What a wonderful idea. I followed the link and I believe it says it's Aug 9th (as opposed to 8th), though I'm sure positive energy is welcome at any time. :)