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I invite you to join me in identifying the treasures that exist in your life.

Some treasures may be fleeting moments that uncover the joy that resides within you - like a dawn which joins you in awakening to the moment. Others may be less temporary events or people, such as a vacation that helped you get in touch with your own splendor. Perhaps a spouse, has convinced you that not only are you receiving it, but you are utterly worthy of unconditional love. Maybe a child has tapped your reservoir of absolute love, or a pet, a place, a thing has left you speechless and beyond that, in awe of the wonders that exist.

I'm starting today and will do so weekly on Thursdays. The goal is to keep me alert to all the positive people, things and events, big and small, that touch me and lift my Spirit. It is also an opportunity to honor my treasures. I really hope you will write about yours, and with similar intentions.

If you write a post in response to this invitation, please leave me a comment and let me know. I'd love to read it. For now, I'll call this exercise "THURSDAYS FOR MY TREASURES".


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(I'm not using the real names of the people mentioned to avoid them any embarrassment and because I didn't really ask them if I could write about them. Hope this is O.K.)
It was the last day of the seminar and the energy in the auditorium was electrifying. People were excited to have already learned so much and eager to go home and practice what they had absorbed. I walked to my seat expecting to have the identical seating arrangement as the previous three days only to find that my usual little group was sitting elsewhere and my friend, Elena, was eagerly chatting away with a woman whom I had not met or seen before.

Introduction to Patti seemed unnecessary. I felt as if I knew her and, to my surprise, before the end of the day, Patti repeatedly stated she felt like she had just reunited with a sister. Our bond was immediate, as if we had known each other in a different time, planet or dimension. Who knows?

I'd like to say that we became close bossom buddies, who now feel like we share everything that is important in our lives. But no. Relationships are like flowers; they sprout from seeds, are watered, then grow. I think we are still at the seed stage, which is prolonged due to the fact that we live in different states. But time and space are relative and we do live in this marvelous era of email and easy phone access. I am certain the relationship will blossom in its due time.

So why do I consider Patti a treasure? Because, unbeknownst to her, she is a role model to me. Unfortunately, I dwell in generalities and fuzziness, so I didn't quite get all the details of Patti's gifting expeditions. But I do know she has donated much of her time and money to make Orgone available in areas where there is need. She has gifted to regions here in the United States, but also to Africa and Latin America. Currently, she and other like minded people are sending and gifting Orgone to the Gulf of Mexico, with the faith that the Orgone will assist, as much if not more than, the official technological approaches that are being taken to heal the waters the animals, and of course, the people there.

Orgone is an organic composite made of crystal, resin and metal, whose energy corresponds to what mystics and philosophers most often call Chi or Prana. It is credited with having many curative attributes for individuals and the planet including: purifying the atmosphere, detoxifying water, ending droughts, helping plants grow better, often helping cure or reduce insomnia and chronic nightmares, and many more qualities to help balance energies that bring about harmony and healing. There is much information about this available on the Internet. Patti's web site is

What I find most impressive about Patti is that she seems to live fully with a focus on her physical and spiritual health and the grace to give enthusiastically of herself, her earthly possessions and her Spiritual wealth. Her confidence and trust combine gracefully and add up to a steadfast and contagious faith, which leads one to jump up and declare, "I want some of that!"

I do want more of what she has and hope that somehow it is infused into me. For now, I'll just take some of the Orgone and settle into the expectation of harmony for me, my home and growth in my husband's garden. We strive to imitate what we admire. I've already done a little gifting myself to friends whom I love. I wish I could demonstrate the same fire in my soul that energizes Patti's generosity.

She asked me recently if I felt a difference after placing Orgone in various locations in my house. "Yes. Definitely." I answered, not knowing fully if I was wanting to please her, or if indeed, the Orgone has had an effect. My home does feel peaceful though. The garden is growing full force and as I think about it, problems have not disappeared but confronting them seems slightly easier. Could it be the Orgone? I think so.

I remember many years ago, knowing someone who was a Mormon. For what seemed a long time, he wore a required religious undergarment, which promised spritual protection. He admitted it was a most uncomfortable religious practice. Why did he comply? He was quick with his answer, "If I'm wrong in doing this...nothing lost. But what if I'm right?"

I'll keep buying Orgone because I suspect Patti is right. I have yet to reach the level of certainty which she expresses, but I love investing in my peace and health. If I wanted to I could make the Orgone myself, but I know that's not going to happen so I order it from her website.

In the meantime, I am grateful to Patti for opening my world just a little more. And I know for sure that perhaps Orgone is a treasure, but Patti is the rare and precious jewel who believes in it's vital forces and perhaps with her faith helps them manifest.

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