Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Braco in L.A.

"Look into my eyes and hear what I'm not saying, for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will."
As some of you may know, I attended several sessions in Los Angeles with Braco, the man who simply gazes at an audience and seems to open the doors of healing in a mysterious yet palpable manner.
The miracle week end is over. I've returned to my life, my home, my routines. Slowly, I process what happened during this week end, when I stood before this simple, humble man. Although hundreds of people attended each session, there were times when I felt as if Braco was looking directly at me, silently excavating something hidden deeply in my being. I can fully understand why he does not speak - words have too many limitations. As symbols, they can only inadequately express what he communicates.
Prior to the first session, I refused tissues which were being distributed by volunteers. Arrogantly, I thought, "That's silly. Why would I need a tissue?" Immediately, when Braco started gazing I felt as if I had been drenched in Truth. Uncontrollably, and strangely unsentimentally because I entertained no sad thoughts, actually no thoughts, I began to cry. I could not readily interpret the wave of emotion, but I knew something was happening, perhaps a cleansing, a clearing of things blocking my healing. Whatever it was, it felt good and I began to feel more and more receptive to whatever was being offered via Braco's gaze.
Only one other time did tears stream down my face. Each subsequent session was different. Sometimes I felt a tug in my heart, other times I battled my left brain, which kept trying to think about totally ridiculous things like, "Hum, I wonder if he's married? He blow dried his hair nicely. The person next to me is crying. Why am I not?" etc. Still other times, there was a stillness that took possession of my entire being and I felt peace, a sense of just "being" that erased any concerns about past or future and only the present remained - me in a room of seekers, with a man sharing an extraordinary gift.
Some people talked about what they felt. Everyone seemed to feel something. Some felt peace, others a kind of shift in their psyches or spirits, still others felt the comforting voice of silence reassure them that "Everything is going to be alright."
I have no dramatic changes to report, no spontaneous healing. I remain on the look out for them, because I know they may still come. What I can report is that something has changed. Something I cannot explain but I am certain the change is for the better. I am so grateful that I went. This is one of the few impulsive acts I've ever taken that is devoid of regret. I was meant to be there. I thank God for the opportunity, for being chosen to hear about Braco, and for the deep and complete blessing in which I am still wallowing.
For information about Braco and future events visit: http://www.bracoamerica.com/


  1. Simply fascinating, and it sounds as if it was an intense cleansing experience. I'd never heard of him before, but now I'm very curious. Here's to hoping he comes to Colorado at some point. Thanks for the post!

  2. I will be able to experience him today, in Sedona, AZ. My grandparents were from Croatia (former Yugoslavia)and I was always trying to find out more about our roots because so many things had been crushed by the communist government. This is something I have been waiting for.

  3. Kate,
    I hope your experience is as rich as mine was, or even better. It must be exciting for you. I know Spirit will touch you as needed.