Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gushing Waters

I call this my "sacred spot". It's on a trail near Taos, New Mexico and though it's never been proclaimed as a power spot, like other places on earth, that's what it is for me. That particular piece of earth and water somehow stirs my Spirit whenever I go there. I feel the presence of God. I love to visit it yet haven't in over 2 years.

Why do I deprive myself of simple treats like these? "Life gets in the way", I tell myself as if that little excuse eliminates the responsibility to make myself happy. It's true enough that life does have a way of providing us with some interesting challenges and maybe it has been hard to get away. But that doesn't mean I can't find the sacred in more ordinary earth and water closer to home. I've always known this on some level but it's beginning to sink into my heart - finally.

So recently, I've begun to take action towards my happiness. Right at this moment I'm deciding to go to Taos this summer. All actions begin with imagination, so I'm beginning. I've also got a few other little trips planned in spite of the fact that I know I have some obstacles to overcome, namely - How will I get the money? Used to be that I wouldn't give money too much consideration in the past - mostly because I had some. Nowadays, after having retired early to care for my mother and mother-in-law, money is scarce. But I think money happens to have its own mystique and spirit so to speak. It shrinks and grows depending on some unseen forces, of which I know nothing, but am hoping that they're currently on my side.

Travel is not my only standard for happiness. Really, I'm not that shallow. What I'm learning is how important it is to find the sacred/happiness/fulfillment/Being/God in everyday things and events. So even though I'm not able to go away too much, or spend much anymore, I've taken refuge in my home. I love the mountains I can see from my front windows. They're steadfast, dependable, and strong - a great image for me to internalize. From my back patio, I can see the most stupendous of natural light shows anywhere. The sunsets are colorful, truly spectacular. I'm trying to fill my days with things that give me a little pleasure, like writing these blogs. I even occasionally draw and with the drawings am able to draw out a smile from the people who see them and tolerate me as they compassionately refrain from stating the obvious - that talent evades me. With these little activities, I find myself having fun, which I consider to be a major ingredient to a good life.

Don't get me wrong, the obstacles of life are still there. Like my old, past favorite author, M. Scott Peck, ( in his book The Road Less Traveled) stated wisely -"Life is difficult." The ladies, as I affectionately call them (mother and mother-in-law), have the job of attempting to drive me crazy daily (more on that at a later time). And when they almost succeed, I try to remember to turn towards the sacred within reach. The gushing waters in Taos may have to wait. In the meantime the gushing waters from my bathtub faucet work great.

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