Sunday, April 22, 2018


My friend, Marth Roditti,  sculpted a dragon family who mourns the world. I was unable to import a photo I took (my computers are rebelling), so I am printing my poem which was inspired by her sculptures.  I made no attempt to infuse hope in my poem today, though I am hopeful for this earth.  But I just wanted to acknowledge the sadness I feel for earth as it

A long, long, long time ago
There lived a happy dragon family 
It relied on the power of magic 
That prevailed all around them
Vibrant greens, blues, yellows, reds
All the colors in the spectrum of light
Lived in everything 
Including their hearts
Which beat to the rhythm of rainbows

One day the magic changed
The dragon family was petrified
When colors of a darkened future were revealed
The dragons saw through space and time
Trees, plants, animals, flowers
Slumped until they died
Humans who refused to leave died too
The ones who left never found another paradise
All waters turned brown,
Grey the ground
Earth slowly wilted

The happy dragons were transformed
Into dragons that could only weep
Knowing the world would end
in dark permanent sleep
Their scales like raindrops fell
Because magic had no power over hell
Because when you know your Mother will die
All a dragon can do is cry


  1. Oh this is so heart wrenching and true.....we are killing ourselves, and so many do not care!

  2. This is so deeply evocative, Myrna!

  3. This is a wonderfully rendered piece - on so many levels. A brilliant - albeit tragically sad - extended metaphor with fable-esque elements. It is timely. And it is important. For me, I would place it up there with some of your best work, Myrna.

  4. Oh this hits my heart. What a beautiful, sad poem, Myrna. I carry so much grief, watching how heedlessly humankind is laying waste the earth. Mankind only a hundred or more years ago, knew how to live on and with the earth more sustainably. Corporations care only for profit, whatever the cost to the earth, and so many have their heads stuck in the sand. Those of us who know, and see, can hardly believe the wanton destruction we are witnessing and before long we will feel acutely the consequences. The cost of trying to clean up after climactic events - and survive them - will be far more than he cost of switching to clean energy now. But it is not looking hopeful. Your poem is fantastic!

  5. Sad...We were given this Earth...if only we were kind to her the way she is kind to us.

  6. A sad fable so very appropriate for Earth Day.

  7. Immensly sad Myrna. That end line is a bone crusher


    Happy Earth day


  8. The last few lines are so good...and so timely! What a horrible species we are!

  9. So poignant ... perhaps portraying the possible future of earth this way will be a wake up call to save it ... there is hope in that. 😊

  10. All the stupid people trashing the Earth are the same ones that want to go to Mars to live where the planet is already dead. I hope they go soon so that we can nuture the Earth and bring it back to health again while we still have time.

  11. What a sad story... magic had no power over hell... a hell we have made ourselves.

  12. Thank you for this one Myrna,


  13. what will doom the Earth will not be dragons (as we are led to believe when young) but man himself. i am glad your friend's sculptures inspire you to write this fine poem.