Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The hospital in my town announces a birth
 by playing a lullaby through the loudspeaker

Everyone smiles
envisioning images of a cute wrinkled baby

The fathers smile 
Concealing their wish 
To contribute more to the situation

The mothers smile
Knowing the pain of pushing someone into living

The caregivers smile 
Proud to be part of what humanity is receiving

The visitors smile
Knowing one more little human slipped out
Screaming demands for answers with no questions

The sick smile 
For an instant forgetting their discomfort, 
Creating space for hope to manifest in healing

Even the dyeing smile
As they themselves are painfully born
Into the mystery of unbeeing


  1. All valid smiles

    Much love...

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing, playing a lullaby to announce a birth. I love all the responses, especially the dying smiling as they make their passage into unbeing.........a friend whose wife died young told me that the feeling he had holding her hand as she died was the same as holding her hand when their son was born. The mystery of entering from and leaving to another dimension.........mystery.

  3. You have made this simple act into the magic and mystery it so clearly inspires! Thank you!

  4. That "sounds" so good giving joy to everyone not only the family.

  5. Poignant and beautiful.

  6. I too love the lullaby in the speakers.. life presents far too many unanswerable questions.

  7. Such a beautiful experience it is!:))