Sunday, December 18, 2016


I wrote this poem after reading Sherry's chat with Elizabeth Crawford on Monday.  After considering my reaction to world events, I realized I had to acknowledge my truth - I was angry.  Still am a little, but writing does help unravel our feelings and return us gradually to a state of acceptance of what is, hope for something good and action to make it happen.  That is where I'm headed but I'm not there yet.


My mountains look so still from afar,
By moon's smiling approval.
But I am not fooled.
"Your beauty is 
As deceptive as your peace,"
I say, while starring, glaring,
Angrily rejecting
their apparent calm.

But I know better.
Beneath that rocky still exterior 
hides the chaos of all life.
Animals struggle.
They fight or take flight.
Bugs get eaten. Plants get beaten
By those merciless winds
Of whirling gusts
That thrust
Even the tiniest
Grain of sand.

How can you just sit there
You smug piece of do-nothing dirt?
As if you knew everything:
How time travels,
Why the moon smiles,
The purpose of chaos,
The meaning of yes and no.

It makes me even angrier
That I don't understand
I see you
mysteriously project compassion
for my fury, my fear.
Do you so convincingly affirm
All is still possible,
Even forgiveness
Even Love."

Happy Holidays to all!

(For Poets United.)


  1. What powerful words you have written lately, Myrna. Your words awe me. I do think sometimes we have to look to the mountains in nature and in our life for help in our reflections at this difficult time. I do hope love is still possible in this world where so much has turned to hatred.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Myrna; and see you again in the new year.

  2. I fully agree.. we need to start to act, to fence what is dear before it's torn. Maybe that's the purpose of chaos.. that we should find new ways of living, and maybe in the end it will be even better.

  3. Truly inspiring write, Myrna - glad I dropped by today... With Best Wishes Scott

  4. Yes! This is powerful. I especially love that the mountains project compassion to you - and endurance, through whatever turmoil and chaos man creates. They are touchstones, something to hold fast to as everything shifts. Hedgewitch gave me a cool perspective when we were chatting about the current situation....she suggested it is time to draw into ourselves and "love what is left to love". Good advice, I think. I love the power in your poems. We shall write ourselves through these times and, we hope, into better days.

  5. 'cause nature... not it's evolution but it's survival continues to teach us... as we stare or glare at it refusing to learn. But we will paint it, photograph it, and on,and on... never seeing the lesson.
    Oh, nice writing and I agree

  6. Powerful. Beautiful. Enduring. Like the mountains.

  7. Do you so convincingly affirm
    All is still possible,
    Even forgiveness
    Even Love.

    Good question Myrna! Too many impacting on the selected few hotspots of conflicts. It is sad that sufferings and death are the way of life there.


  8. Mountains are symbolic of strength and courage, perhaps we need to draw ourselves nearer so we can hear the prophecy of the mountains.

  9. I agree, this is a powerful piece. I love the way that nature helps you to frame your feelings - first we question and then we begin looking for answers, and I see that dynamic at work, here. I think that is a positive thing. The close on this is incredible!

  10. Ah yes the things we struggle with! But I think we must continue, and to believe it's worth it.

  11. One must indeed believe that all that is still possible.

  12. strong rumination.. the last verse resonates..enjoyed it very much.

  13. this poem is a beautiful affirmation of all positive possibilities like blossoming of forgiveness and love even in the midst of darkness, fear and fury in this symbol of the Mountain...

  14. A write from the heart - i think sometimes finding our peaceful place.. somewhere to retreat to is essential - what better than a mountain top.. wishing you a peaceful Christmas time Myrna

  15. Thank you Myrna. I agree with everyone else. This is a powerful write. Perhaps you should get angry more often? I know that anger is uncomfortable, but it does demand that we do something. And writing like this is more than a little something. Hope your Holidays are full of love and laughter,


  16. You have captured perfectly the words of the "mountains."