Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hello friends.  
I've been unable to write or connect with you during the last two months.  My husband has been quite ill after a surgery that became infected and attacked his nerves.  These have been difficult, nightmarish times, but after two surgeries, he is now recovering, his pain is subsiding and he is home.  I know, had I reached out to you, I would have received many good wishes and prayers but I was immobilized by my fears.  I am sorry.
During this time, I also had to put my beloved friend, Daisy, to sleep.  I am mourning her gentle and loyal presence.  How I miss my angelic dog.  

A few weeks before Daisy's departure.

It is so nice to be writing here again.  Life is beginning to normalize.  I've missed you.  Am looking forward to reading your poetry and resuming one of the things I most enjoy.   

                  To My Husband, 
                  re: Our Blur 

There are so many blotchy blurs of memory
We've stored during all these many years.  
The latest is already fading
Into the mist that is our past
Someday we'll remember even less 
But never will we laugh at the flashbacks
That remain
The pain
The fear
Future unclear
Multifaceted spectrum of suffering
Making us feel helpless, alone
Forgetful of our communion with all humans
Whose lives zig zag just like ours
between degrees of joys and sorrows
I wish, like the enlightened ones,
We could be grateful even for darkness.
But all our gratitude now
Is for the light we're beginning to see
Dispersing our nightmare
Forming a blur.


  1. You have been missed Myrna, and your poem touching on how we go on and live, looking back and how great it is when we can look forward as well...

  2. I've missed you. I think withdrawing like that is a concentration of prayer as powerful or maybe more so than requested prayers. We never know. But when everything tells you to circle your wagons, it's the right thing. And to lose your dog companion! I'll send some light now, happy that your husband is recovering. Your poem captures the zigzag within the arc of life beautifully.

  3. Myrna, I’m so glad your husband came out of this nightmare alive and, I take it, in one piece aside from the PTSD that you are both no doubt experiencing.

    I’ve lost many dogs, and I grieve for many dogs. I love dogs, and I love you.

  4. Oh Myrna, you have been missed!❤️ I was starting to wonder but now after having read.. can not imagine what you must have gone through. Sending love, prayers and hugs.

    Lots of love,

  5. So much going on, you needed time to face the trials of life. So, sad to lose your animal friend. Wishing you bright blessings in the days ahead.

    Peace & Light

  6. So lovely to see you back, Myrna, and to know things so frightening have improved and your husband is home. I am so sorry about the loss of your darling Daisy. She looks such a sweet soul. I hope Leroy is adjusting to his loss. He will be grieving, too. We missed you, and we're happy you are back and that life is going better.

  7. I am so sorry. Sorry that you have had a hellish few months, and sorry for your loss. They wind their paws deep into our heart strings, and take a piece of us with them when they leave.
    I am very glad that your husband has turned the corner and is home again.

  8. I am so glad to see you here again, Myrna. You were missed. The time of your husband's recovery must have been a very difficult one. And, no, we don't seem to be able to appreciate the 'dark' while we are in it, but as we look back we sometimes can appreciate what all we went through. And, yes, the further one gets from the nightmarish time the blurrier the nightmare gets. Thankfully.

    So sad about your beloved dog, Myrna. How very hard to lose such a special friend during the midst of such a painful time with your husbands' recovery.

  9. So sorry that you and your husband have been put through such suffering. The mental anguish that a serious, life threatening, illness casts over us, is such a heavy burden to carry. And then the loss of a beloved pet. Sometimes we are called upon to bear more than we think we possibly can. And yet we must - as there is no alternative. Lovely that that weight is, finally,lifting a bit for you both. Your piece is beautiful and so tenderly and thoughtfully rendered (as only someone who is emerging from such troubles could write). It brought a lump to my throat.

  10. Dearest Myrna, what beautiful poetry. I'm so sorry about all the terrible things you've been going through. How awful that you had to say goodbye to your beloved Daisy, too, during the same time. (BTW, thank you for your email and I promise to reply to it soon.) Sending you love and hugs....

  11. Am so sorry you had to go through such difficult times in the recent past.Things happen in multiples at times. Extremely glad things are now under control. Welcome back Myrna!


  12. It is good that you are writing again Myrna and it so sad that Daisy has now passed on. Let us hope that life will now be a little brighter for you.

  13. I feel for you! And the poem not only says it well but provides a perspective worth sharing, I think. (Anyway, I got something from it.)