Sunday, February 14, 2016


Remember days we skipped class,
Went to the park. I'd feed the squirrels,
Listen to you read poetry, passionately
We fell into that abyss,
Our hearts pouncing
As if we'd slipped on ice
Though it was fire in which we dove
Blindly, seeing only angel silhouettes, 
Their arrows piercing 
Our sensitivities, our sensibilities, 
Our sentimental vulnerabilities
Until we oozed love, RED
Then smeared it like blood 
All over each other?

It's so different now, after all these years
No longer falling, but grounded
In the steadfast unquestionable knowledge
That love is more 
Than grandiose feelings
Burning, staining the essence of the other.

We've learned that love is something profound,
Not easily or simply found.
but a gradual revelation
of ourselves becoming... More.



  1. Myrna I have been thinking about how love changes...becomes more grounded and we become so much more with each other. Beautifully penned love letter to your dear husband!

  2. That last verse sealed it for me.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  3. Oh, beat beat goes my heart! Indeed this is what deep love is, Myrna. Not like it might have been in the early days but something that has lasted and deepened over the years. I guess a person can be thankful for all - how it was & how it is! (Neat to read that your husband likes poetry too. Smiles.)

  4. A heartfelt piece, love is indeed everything. Warm greetings to you.

  5. So very true... love grow from that fire and there is something so much More.

  6. What a glorious tribute to the love which grows (if we are lucky and work at it) from infatuation and passion.

  7. Oh Myrna, this is so wonderful to read and must be even more wonderful to live. Yes, I so agree.....the being grounded, the "revelation of ourselves becoming....More." Beautiful!

  8. This is a lovely valentine's day poem - filled with heartfelt sentiments..learning that love is something profound...that is a great lessons in life I think.

  9. "We've learned that love is something profound," i luv this line. you two should go to the head of the class with my blessings

    Happy St Valentine's Day Myrna

    much love...

  10. you defined the phases of love perfectly..." is something profound, / Not easily or simply found." pearls of wisdom...

  11. This is beautiful - no doubt the intensity of love deepens over the years and the relationship grows stronger than ever :D

    Lots of love,

  12. I love that kind of love, grounded yet serene and deeply profound ~ Hope you had a good weekend Myrna ~


  13. Yes, love is more than all the materialism in the world. I've learned that through my mother's examples. thanks for this.

  14. Myrna,

    Absolutely beautiful words which reveal the knowledge that love itself evolves with living. I like that husbands blend well!!