Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I watch from outside myself.

Back, forth - the hallway.
Aging woman forgets her joints.
She pushes a two year old girl on a tricycle,
while the young one laughs, gives giggling orders, 
Later, the woman goes for an unusual walk 
involving a snowball fight with a six year old boy
who disagrees about the discomfort of the cold.
Instead, he laughs with white flakes, 
Uses them as toys.
Once home, peace is disguised in waves of noise.  
The woman, contradicts her love of silence, smiles,
joins the shrieks of playful joy.

Watching myself flow
through moments immersed
in carefree chaos of youthful innocence,
I recognize my happiness.
It's not something I pursue,
It is something I know.

(For Susan's promt, "Joy", at Poets United.))


  1. I love that your 'watcher' can still play.

  2. This is so touching.. indeed happiness is not pursued rather it is something which is found within. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  3. Snowflakes can definitely be toys when we have the right perspective! Have a prosperous 2016!

  4. Oh Myrna, that is just it - happiness is not something you pursue, it is something you know.........and with the grandkids, one feels it the most, I think, as they are so innocently joyful.

  5. Oh, yes! And quite vivid even unpursued. To know in such detail that one can re experience the joy -- nothing can be better as we age.

  6. A lovely grandmother making good memories for her grandchildren..Joy !

  7. Love your expression of the inner knowledge of personal joy! Nicely done.

  8. Your thoughts awe me, Myrna. It is is something that is not pursued but known. So often when I read your poetry I find a new way of looking at something! (Really wish we could get together for coffee!)

  9. it's beautiful
    good luck dear

  10. Precious moments, Myrna. I smiled after reading this, made me long for my grandma.

  11. Those last two lines are perfection..and i love how you reflect and convey that happiness - forgetting our aches and pains and making the best of what is

  12. Simply beautiful! Contradicts her love of silence is such an emphatic expression.

  13. 'I recognize my happiness.
    It's not something I pursue,
    It is something I know.'....oh yes, exactly!
    Very beautifully said!

  14. You have such wonderful insight and gift of expression.