Sunday, December 6, 2015



If the world were made of rubber,
it'd be out of shape,
a deflated globe, 
lumpy, flat on it's huge bottom,
supported by invisible dark matter.
Its ugliness would be so obvious,
people would have a hard time finding
the beautiful blue marble within it.

Sometimes I feel like I'M made of rubber,
stretched, pulled by forces of compassion,
then almost torn apart by the visible strength 
of putrid hatred festering, contaminating my air.

everything's made of stardust.

(For Poets United.)


  1. It does seem somedays that the hate in the world can tear us apart, stretch us out of shape....but there is the hope in that stardust, thankfully!

  2. Strongly stated, Myrna. Indeed it seems there is a fight between the forces of compassion and the putrid hatred; and yes, the 'beautiful blue marble' at times seems less than beautiful in recent times.

  3. i think many of us feel this being torn apart

  4. Oh that pull between compassion and hatred.. I like how you pulled me into the poem, and then made a point of it, and I guess if it's not rubber the tension will crack us to pieces

  5. Yes. It all comes down to your last line. In spite of it all, we and everything are made of stardust. That gives me hope. I like the rhythm of this poem and its flow.

  6. The world as we see is a mixture of hatred.. anger.. love and compassion.. Love the reference to "beautiful blue marble within it."

    Lots of love,

  7. Thank you (so much) for the stardust reminder...

  8. The conundrum of our time, that so much ugliness is going on on a planet so spectacularly beautiful. Sigh. We do get pulled by the conflicting emotions....but, still, we all are made of stardust. Love that hopeful ending, Myrna. Some days we have to hang onto that by faith. Smiles.

  9. I think we are all stretched beyond our limits at times. So many emotions...I find it interesting that you speak of stretching as a friend told me yesterday she had a dream that her arm stretched down from a roof to prevent her from falling...perhaps, that is a real fear in many of us..but good to be reminded we are all made of stardust and to that I am grateful.

  10. I too, often feel that these times we live it ... the festering hatred of a comparatively few misguided individuals ... does have the effect of distorting and tearing apart the forces of compassion. Sigh. And, often, it is difficult to find the beautiful blue marble within it. It is sad. Your last line, though, when all is said and done, is hopeful, I think. And where there is hope, there is life.

  11. you've expressed the present condition of this world in such a clear and powerful voice and the lingering hope does give us sustenance..we all live in hope....

  12. Yes - we absolutely agree and adore the fact that everything is made of stardust - and the best thing about rubber - it bounces!

  13. If only we got to the "BUT" faster. Funny/tragic image of earth and person as a flat tire. But both are stardust that cannot flatten, only feed and feed and roll on and on.