Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I overuse the word 'love'
which perhaps dilutes its meaning,
making my emotion seem fuzzy, lacking
in gradations of passion, of distinction,
as if it's the same to love a poem
the way I love a stranger, 
love my child, grandkids, husband, dogs, 
all the people in Latin America, the world,
or you.

But so much in life is choice.
Sometimes choice is irrational.
I choose to misuse love, hoping it's understood.

Like when I say I love my little spot near Taos, New Mexico,
I hope it's clear I love it differently than Paris, New York,
Hawaii, San Diego, Puerto Rico or even my home town.
I love all these but not like my woodsy little spot
so clean with leaves, dirt,
fallen lightning struck trees,
the breeze from the rushing spring,
that ethereal something condensed in the air.
When I'm there I tell myself I'm breathing love.

I love that you understand what I mean.

(For Poets United.)


  1. Sigh. Oh I so do! I smiled when I saw the title. Even more than the places we love, the places that love us are special. I love the photo, and every word of the poem. Thank you, my friend. I totally "get" this poem!!!!!

  2. I love the Oregon woods so much that I don’t even care to visit other places, not because Oregon is the prettiest place on earth, but because there’s much to be said for wilderness that’s close to home. I think of a love for a place is like a love for a person in that I need to be with that place, not just to visit it every year, or two, or three, but to live with it and in it.

  3. I understand.

    Beautifully written.

  4. "When I'm there I tell myself I'm breathing love" ~ Oh Myrna, this is so beautiful. I can totally understand your feelings about this particular place. We all have one such place that makes us feel like that. And I loved the photos.

  5. This is magical..! I can relate to this feeling..and I love how you have described it. You have really put your heart & soul in this poem. Beautifully executed!

    Lots of love,

  6. Beautifully written...truly! Love the way you said it and twirled back to love at the end. ;-)

  7. And, yes, I do understand what you mean, Myrna. And keep loving all of those places and all of those people. Breathe that love wherever you go! I love (yes, there's the word) your passion, Myrna, in all that you really enjoy!

  8. I think we all overuse the word "love" , but it is a word that we reach for when we feel fondly about something whether it be a person, place or thing. I too understand what you mean.

  9. some places are born with "that ethereal something" that compel us to breathe love.. ...blessed are the souls who recognize write so beautifully Myrna...

  10. We all understand there are places so special to us they become a part of us and we of them. Beautifully written Myrna.

  11. I am pretty certain that the places that we really, really love - love us back.

  12. The last line is absolutely stunning - when someone understands what is special to us it is the greatest gift - and that spot (and lovely image) seems wonderful

  13. Yes I know just the place for me that matches yours.

  14. Yes, I love that, too...this place is sacred. Beautiful poem!

  15. Certainly true Myrna! There are places one just love to be part of. The peace and serenity is beyond the pleasure of seeing it!


  16. very cool to have such a place where you can just be and breathe... and yeah - it's a different love than of how you love a city - i have some not so good memories when it comes to san diego..spent a very weird day there once..

  17. Ah, yes... I fully understand what you mean, Myrna. Lovely expression of the shades of meaning in that overused little word :-)