Thursday, June 25, 2015


My Daisy, is a bit burly, like most of us when we get old.  She wags her little stubby stick of a tail as she runs around whining and wiggling when she sees me.  Her bark is barely audible.  It's no longer the alarm  preceding the doorbell's chime.  The only dog she tolerates is her brother, Leroy.
She passionately rebels at the existence of any other dogs, whom she attacks with no consideration of the fact that she hardly has any teeth.  But she loves people.  Arrogantly, I think she loves me best.

Daisy is blind in one eye.  I look deeply into her good one where I find a pathway to what's pure in a relationship.  Somehow, I know she knows they all end.  In her own way, she's preparing me, knowing that grief will soon replace our love.

(Elephant's Child is temporarily providing the words for this meme.  She's interested in having someone else take over the weekly meme and/or possibly change the schedule, share the hosting etc.  The words I chose for this week  are: burly, stick, alarm, rebel, good, eye.)


  1. The love that exists between man and pet, be it dog, cat or otherwise - is a beautiful thing. I have buried a few good friends. They leave a void in your life for sure, but how blessed we are to have the time we did.

  2. Touching and heart warming, love and friendship can sometimes be the only things worth living for.

  3. Awww. I love the way you have shown the love. This triggered a lot of memories of animals who have gone. And are never forgotten and still mourned.

  4. Oh, such a good girl, who loves her mama. They do know, when it is getting closer to Time. I love what you write about looking into her eye and seeing what is pure in a relationship.

    I sigh in sympathy for you with what lies ahead. Love her well, as I know you do, and tell her Everything, while you can. And let me know when that day comes. I'll be here for you.

  5. I love this. Sad, that we are waiting for them to leave us.