Sunday, May 31, 2015



She was hurt.
Became mean, cruel, bitter.
Inflicted wounds that festered
with an awful residual stench.  Resentment takes years
to disinfect.  But now, to me, she's evidence -
a rebuttal for those who say people can't change.
Because she did, unbelievably.
A far fetched melodramatic tragic/comedy
acted out in life, a gift for me to witness.
Her happy ending still lives
in the DNA of my own play.
But I know little about genetics, more about us, 
how circumstances cause holistic effects,  
as do our choices.  I think I've made some good ones, 
like she did eventually.

My hope?  That I witness 
my own happy ending, knowing my story
enriched the world, adding a little drop of
clear, fresh water in the gene pool of evolution.


  1. Good to read this story of change, Myrna. It is hard to change, but not impossible; and you have been witness to this. May this story bring hope to others as well, and may we all have those happy endings.

  2. I hope you get that happy ending Myrna and I an glad that she changed for the better there in the end leaving you good memories. Our choices do affect output look on life

  3. This gives me hope.. maybe there is hope we all can change to the better... and so good that she was allowed to change.

  4. I like that last line...a powerful ending to an inspiring story of change!

  5. Myrna this is a wonderful tribute to your mom, to you and to life....our own happy ending is what we all dream of.

  6. Hope you get the happiest of endings... because you truly deserve... may pain and loss.. be acres away from you and your loved ones. Beautiful poem.

    Lots of love,

  7. This speaks to me on so many levels. Hope!

  8. Oh how I love this poem, which tells a story of eventual transformation. My own mother stopped drinking the last year of her life, a major achievement. But our family is so dysfunctional this great event was not mentioned at the funeral, when I thought it was such an achievement. Sigh. It is lovely how people and relationships weather time and sometimes are able to evolve. I LOVE what you write about your life being a drop of water in the gene pool of evolution. Brilliant, Myrna.

  9. Myrna - I hope you get the happy ending you desire, we all have a story that we can learn from..change takes time, but it can happen leaving imprints of happiness in our hearts and mind.

  10. Beautiful and hopeful. I am all too familiar with the residual stench of those wounds. My mother chose not to change, but I hope to step away from the path she carved.
    Thank you. A tribute to hope is a lovely thing to read this morning.

  11. yes, the only constant in the universes is 'change'

    hope this was cathartic

    gracias for sharing

  12. If only we could all try to do no harm. Sadly that is not in the nature of mankind.

  13. The relationship with our mothers raises many a question of self doubt...and is rarely easy..i love however the hope in this..change for them..and for ourselves..

  14. much patience lies there behind this change i wonder..nothing short of a miracle..beautiful, the happy ending as well as the end uplifting poem...

  15. We do figure it out some day :-)

  16. There are many judgmental individuals who don't give someone a chance to change. Glad your mom proving it wrong.

    any poem about mother and child always get me :)

  17. One of the best written, most significantly meaningful poem I have read in a long time, Myrna.

  18. The hope of parents and grandparents, that we raise children better than we were.

  19. Myrna,

    Loved this, as it had reality of life threaded through the words..Honesty about a situation. I've got my own family demons. My mother did her best for me; my father was thoughtless and made my life miserable..Sadly, his genes carry on in my two sisters...

  20. I believe that people can change for the better, smiles ~ I am glad she did and I think you will have your happy ending too ~ have a good week Myrna ~

  21. Wow! What a story, Myrna. Your words really got me today. You write so brilliantly and with so much truth. I love when I come by for a visit :)

  22. How often our choices create different endings....but when near the positive example of close person, a mother - it's easier to make the good one.

  23. How often do we wish for that happy ending? Beautiful evocative piece.