Thursday, April 9, 2015


It's whizzing by me. 
So hard catching up to it, 
this world in peril
yet so full of living ideas running 
throughout all facets 
of technology, medicine, science, and art.  
I live in constant future shock.

Everything changes.  
That's law, but the speed is relative.
My finite self cannot wait to see
the changes in humanity, 
not just what it can do, 
but what it can be -
love expanding like the universe.

People are living longer now,
a change I fully accept.
An extension of that 3rd act,
everyone reaching for that 100 year mark,
a race with speed unmeasured, a slow walk,
the good quality of each step treasured 
marking progression towards "the end".

I take pride in my open mind,
welcoming ideas of living fully 
before fully dying when it's time
for my inevitable permanent change.
Yet, I can't deny the mix of feelings
when in the mail I received a unique invitation
for my participation in a contest to win
my very own pre-paid cremation.
Everything is changing! 


(For Dverse Poets.)


  1. I have not seen that kind around here ~ Everything is changing and its good to be able to ride it all out & see what the future will bring ~

  2. I think the treadmill od change still runs at the same pace, but maybe I'm slowing.

  3. Change...the only constant thing in life. Very apt piece, thanks for sharing!

  4. Excellent piece. Impermanence....Change. And truly all this is certain.

  5. Whoa, that would be startling! LOL. I love this poem, Myrna, full of the thoughts I, too, have. I also treasure the slower pace, the fuller quality of life now that worklife is thankfully over.

  6. heck. winning a pre-paid cremation - that feels kinda odd and yet is probably one of the signs to openly think about things we'd rather push away.. i wonder how this planet looks like in hundred years or so - how people will live then - how the cities look but i guess i cannot hope to reach the 150 or so benchmark...

  7. Third try in the comment box: GREAT POEM.

  8. That is indeed a novel prize - and promotion.
    Perhaps an attempt to get more of us to consider end of life issues. Something I believe we don't do well.
    And yes, change, Almost the only constant (contradictory as that sounds).

  9. So true, Myrna, that everything is changing. Many of these changes ARE good. And yes there is that slow walk to the end....but truly a a bit disconcerting to have a chance to win a prepaid cremation. Sigh. Some things I would rather NOT be reminded of. Smiles.

  10. I particularly like what you express in the second stanza. The world is changing, technology evolves fast but it would be wonderful if humanity changed for the better too.

  11. love expanding like the universe - what a great line and idea - wonderful!

  12. A unique invitation for a pre-paid cremation? Geez, I don't blame you for having mixed emotions! I bet it did cause you to put some things into perspective though, & you did so wonderfully in this poem. That "love expanding like the universe" is fantastic. It'll stick with me for awhile, that's for sure.

  13. Everything changes.
    That's law, but the speed is relative.

    How very true Myrna! All goes to show one has to be on the toes all the while. Quick to adjust is proper certainly!


  14. I was not prepared for that end Myrna, and it made me smile actually. To live to hundred - we used to wish for that. Yet I'm not always sure how it would be.

  15. I plan to do that. My hubby does not like the idea.

    I look forward to the change in people, too.

    Thanks for visiting and your kind comment.

  16. pre-paid cremation??? OMG, that's creepy... Changes are good but of course, ups and downs come with everyone and everything.

  17. Smiles. When I turned 60-something, I got mail for cremation, AARP, senior rate auto insurance, Medicare Supplemental Insurance etc. It's quite a reality check. Time is out of control, as I see it.

  18. Hmmm...not the type of contest I want to get an entry for. I understand the need...but still seems rather morbid. Nice write!