Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dear Alice


Dear Alice,

Like you, I recall falling through a hole in the sky. Swimming 
in my pool of tears, forgetting who I am.
Perplexity now surrounds all encounters. Strange 
creatures inhabit my world, thinking
they have answers. 

Like you, size and image alternating,
perceptions interchanging, only confusion 
reliable,  conformity inevitable, insanity rampant, 
creating this world a carnival,
a playground, 
a wonder.

Like you, mystery I must embrace.
even delusion so convincing, lies so enthralling, 
world so deceiving. 
Perhaps at least you can be real,
be truthful, be honest. 
Alice, from this wonderland
like you, will I awake?

(For Dverse Poets.)

Thanks to Brian's support I dared to write this, my first poem in 2010.  My mind has been blank but I wanted to submit something for the last time Claudia and Brian host Dverse.  I am so grateful for all their work and excellent coordination in arranging posts.


  1. smiles...and now you have fallen down the rabbit hole and write regularly...
    and hopefully the world is not so deceiving at times...and our perceptions
    can change as well...

    thank you always for such support myrna...

  2. Myrna.. thank you for both sharing this and so great that Brian could give you that gentle push to start writing.. and a rabbit hole might not be a bad place at all to share your writing from...

  3. oh wow - i'm glad that bri was there to support you with your first steps - and yeah - embracing mystery is a good thing...
    and thanks for being around myrna...

  4. I love that you released, and cherished, and celebrate your inner Alice.

  5. How neat that you shared your first poem. dVerse has been a great place for creativity and support. Aren't we glad and proud to be part of it?

  6. What a wonderful poem to begin your poetic journey!

  7. I read this and wondered if you were prompted by the film Still Alice as there are many analogies here.

  8. Wow, I didnt know we have Brian to thank for beginning you on your poetic journey, Myrna. I am so glad you began! Now we all get to benefit! And this was your FIRST poem? Wow!

  9. Wonderful that you started on this journey--and you are still in the wonderland of poetry! Terrific. Thanks. k. (Manicddaily)

  10. I didn't know, smiles ~ Kudos to Brian for giving you that push, and now you are writing regularly ~ I love the Alice theme, specially that last stanza ~ Thanks for sharing it again ~

  11. ah, happy to see your 1st drop into the rabbit hole... smiles

  12. hope that it is a happy wonder.
    yes brian and claudia have been great at helping everyone write together =)

  13. Hello, Alice. Have a wonderful journey. :D

  14. Revisiting Alice - that surreal imprint has touched us all. Yours is that recurring question - will we make a go of it in this wonderland, will it last, will we wake to another reality. Well said.

  15. Alice is such an archetype that I am certain she exists. Very neat poem!