Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Self Portrait by Danny Gregory

My Grandson by me.

I wonder when and how
the lines will start to form
drawing your story on your face.

Because life will take notes
in order to record
the joys, the sorrows
of all your todays and tomorrows.

Artfully, life will encrypt
the lines
of your biography,
the paths of your laughter,
the shadows of your tears,
your fears, your loves
will all appear.

I wish I had life's talent.
I'd only draw your face 
with the lines
of indelible smiles.  

(For Dverse Poets where Gabriella has us writing to the art of Danny Gregory.)

 I've graduated from doodling to really trying to learn how to draw, to have fun with it, to confront the challenge. 


  1. whaa.....nice job on your sketch myrna....very cool....
    and lif does leave its marks on us...telling out story in the lines
    and etches...you do have talent though...smiles.

  2. Very cool sketch... takes talent to do that... smiles. I can only do round faces with dot eyes and stick figures. Our faces do tell stories; like how they say a person who's had a hard life you usually has lots of lines...

  3. Myrna, I did not know you are an artist! Your grandson is captured to perfection. I share the wish that the portraits of his life will always show smiles.

  4. Love your sketch - and admire your talent and discipline in yet another creative field.
    Life does indeed leave its mark on us. Which is fine.

  5. I like the way you took the two sketches and wrote to them, Myrna. One of Danny's and one of yours. No matter what we would wish, it does seem that life lines our faces & records things on them like it or not. I look at the unmarked face of the grandson...so fresh. We have to appreciate these faces while we can, knowing that changes will be inevitable along the way. And that is okay & as it is meant to be.

  6. I like the juxtaposition of the two drawings, Myrna. This is a beautiful poem and you might like to share it with your grandson when he is able to appreciate it. I love this poem but must congratulate you more particularly on the first one and how it draws us into your poem.

  7. Nice drawing Myrna ~ I like that you dabbling into arts, smiles ~ And in time, a person's face shows all the lines & worries - all part of growing old ~

  8. What a lovely drawing by you. You can see the love in it. the contrast of that young face beneath the older face and how life does indeed write on our faces and in our eyes.

  9. so cool if we'd only know those hopes and dreams

  10. To begin with, you drawing is stellar and juxtaposed with Danny's, along with the thought-provoking poem you have a winner here, Myrna. As much as we might wish to plant only smiles on our little one's faces, part of the beauty in a life depends on the balance of pain, I believe. I feel like running to the mirror to look at my wrinkles in a whole new life. I have not desire to erase them with plastic surgery. They are badges of honor, as I see it...besides, I've had to have way too many non-elective surgeries to even want to consider it.

  11. You did great on your grandson's sketch...great!

  12. Myrna,

    That is a great sketch, thanks for sharing you talent and your words.

  13. Wonderful thought on those lines that life draw. The sketch of life itself in our faces so to speak.. A thought to only have the smiles.. How interesting that would be. Your own sketch is very sweet..

  14. as we get older - life's line will surely become visible in our faces... and when i think of those little ones out there - i would love to protect them from the tough and ugly marks as well... and wow - what a wonderful sketch by you of your grandson...that is really awesome - and i can feel the love with what it's done

  15. "Because life will take notes"
    Great sketches! Great sketch artist, Life! I too pray the little one has little cause for anything but smiles.

  16. I loved it. First, that is a beautiful sketch. And it is so true how life makes us, crafts us with the lines of our experiences; every love, tear, fear and success leaves a mark on us. My favorite bit has to be the last stanza where you wonder if you could have the life's talent so that you could draw only the lines of smiles on your grandson's face.

  17. What a delightful sketch and sentiment for your grandson, Myrna...thanks for sharing both with us :)

  18. Very nice sketch. What a wonderful idea to combine the two for writing inspiration. I like the placement of rhyme in your poem and the beautiful ending.