Sunday, February 8, 2015


I sit here in the loneliness of decision making.
Not a major choice, like career or marriage,
but the more urgent, though often ignored, option
of what to do this very next moment.

I wonder if it makes a difference
if I decide to clean, walk, write, draw, dance,
or go outside and simply
let the sun massage my body, tame my thoughts
with heat that warms the earth, 
to harmonize the cosmos.

What's the best I can do
with my next fragment of time?
Do I fill it to fullness
with action that stirs life
or leave it empty,
a space from which breath is exhaled?
Will my choice affect the world? 
or only me? or no One?

I chose to write
with the uncertainty inherent in every moment,
but with the conviction that my moment
is precious, a gem
in which I am embedded. 

(For Poets United.)


  1. I love this, my friend - so many moments, so many choices. I do think, whatever we choose, if it allows us to exhale and find peace, it is the right one.

  2. every moment is a choice...
    and while one may seem insignificant they do add up over time
    to create habits and actions...and well...they make us....

  3. it's not easy sometimes to decide - sometimes it maybe makes just a difference for us - sometimes it alters life's trajectory - but then - we never know before we try...

  4. Nice! Each moment is always filled with interesting adventures :-)

  5. Such beautiful writings. I haven't been blogging as much and have missed your writings!! Much love

  6. Your poem so well points out, Myrna, that we have big choices sometimes, but every day we have those small choices...what do do with our moments. I like your last stanza, which illustrates to me that whatever we choose to fill our moments with we should think of whatever we are doing as it IS!

  7. Sometimes I feel I spend too much time wondering what I could do next. But I am glad if I choose to write or sketch as in the end I have something to be more or les sproud of. Hope you enjoyed your time outside.

  8. Myrna this was so thought provoking...each moment and how we fill it or do we waste it.

  9. How I love 'a gem in which I am embedded'. We can have life or an existence - and you have definitely chosen life.

  10. How do we really fill those moments? Somehow I think we all do it with these words we write... it does make a lot of sense to me.

  11. I have often pondered what shall I do, finish a project already started, start something new or sometimes I just like to meditate in the quiet of the moment. I think everything we do is connective in some way.

  12. I agree with the choice in the last lines, and I thank you for raising this most significant of questions.

  13. I agree with Sherry... I think there is no wrong or right decisions we make in life... if it can give you real happiness then go for it... they say you only live once... so why not grab the choices you want rather than the choices the world wants you to have... You have good questions that i do often ask myself too... but then finding the answers may take long so instead i decided to just enjoy living the moment...waiting to get surprised by whatever comes before my very being... smiles...

    - ksm

  14. I think that is/was a very good choice...who knows where it can lead

  15. It is putting oneself above all else. One decides one's own destiny. It eventually adds up and we seek solace in our own decisions! Rightly Myrna!


  16. Every fragment of breath is important, stirred into usefulness so others can benefit or lazed in the choice of being in one's loneliness still and contemplative, i adore the fact of time precious to you and the metaphor of gems

    Happy you stopped by my Sunday lime

    Much love...

  17. Every choice you thought was a good choice. But this was a great one.

  18. Yes, every moment counts and what we do with it is important ~ great choice on writing your thoughts about it! :)

  19. I think those uncertain moments compel us to write ~ if we are too content or serene in our life, we won't think we are lacking anything including words ~

    Have a good week Myrna ~