Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The day you were born, my life ended.
Endings are about rebirths.
That's how my new life began.
It was as if the me, I knew as me
was suddenly old, died then resuscitated
as a baby.  Not like you,
so tiny and helpless
yet so whole, a little star beaming
with what could be.

I was reborn to discover all
that I didn't know.
There was so much.
How to feed you, nurture, protect,
teach, forbid, expose, guide, love you.

My new life was all about learning.
How learning can hurt,
that it was harder than I'd ever expected,
how joy and pain can be interwoven.

I've learned a little now.
I know that learning never ends.
It comes in layers, 
the way I learn over and over how to
forgive my mistakes.
Most of all I learned about the layers
of unconditional love,
how it requires letting go, 
and how I can only do my best.

These layers never seem to end.
What I have learned for certain
is that your birth was also mine,
that we've been teachers to each other,
that our lives are intertwined.

I celebrate that. 
Thank you. 

(For Poets United where Susan asks us to write about birthdays.)


  1. First line - killer! Ah, how wise and I sure many parents, esp. moms can feel what you're saying here...gratitude poem!

  2. Tears, Myrna. And yet the life ending as a new beginning wrapped around the new born is not the death I feared. You don't pretend it's easy, but I get a sense that there could be little more miraculous or rewarding. Learn on!

  3. first, i love the title (especially i always found hallmark cards a bit of a clichè)

    this declaration and reflection of your love is so sincere that made me think whether my mom feels the same way

  4. Myrna,

    This fine tribute to share with your daughter, can never be found in any Hallmark card!! An honest journey through life, with all the learning that a new mum must find and digest... You have written a most loving piece of poetry Myrna.


  5. learning to forgive your own mistakes...smiles
    that is a good learning...not an easy one but...
    and we are always learning...heartfelt little poem...

  6. Oh how I resonate with every line, Myrna. This is just beautiful. Especially tender is the "little star beaming with what could be." And how we teach each other, we and our children, and grow up together. And make mistakes and finally have to let go, knowing we have done the very best we can, with an ocean full of love. Sigh. This was such a wonderful read. I loved every word.

  7. Beautiful, heart-felt truth.
    Thank you.

  8. Myma, you captured the real essence of motherhood. the commitment of unconditional love. my mamasita taught me that. now if only men could better comprehend this


  9. wow myrna - a very heartfelt piece... and so true.. it is a new birth for both and we learn so much even when they're long grown

  10. This is very touching, Myrna. So very true that when a child is born, a new chapter in the mother's life begins!

  11. Very beautiful & moving ~ I can really empathize with the joy of rebirth & continuous learning from each other ~

    Have a good week Myrna ~

  12. This is a wonderful poem in dedication to your daughter. It hit a lot of emotional aspects of giving birth to a child, as well as raising that child.

  13. What an honest write..a real lesson in humility

  14. Some day I'll let them go. But it will be hard.

  15. You write so beautifully of the change that happens to a woman when she gives birth. It really is a rebirth and an emotional rollercoaster ride that we are on til the end.

  16. I agree about the first's much wisdom in this...delving into the the layers of what it means...motherhood. Beautifully crafted.