Wednesday, October 8, 2014


(natnieves_11 at Photobucket)

If I were music, I'd play all day,
softly, I wouldn't disturb other flows
that weave throughout the air you breath.

I'd hide in your ears, 
my waves travelling 
through canals creating 
vibrations of joy
needing no translation. 

My message would arrive
clearly in your brain, 
to fill it with happy notes.

I'd laugh when you hum my tune, tapping 
your feet to a beat you don't realize  
is hiding in you. 

Sometimes I'd turn up the volume,
not too much, 
just enough to make you stop,
because you think there's ringing in your ears.

If I were music I'd play all the time
so you'd join me,
play too.

(Submitted to Poetry Jam.)


  1. I love the whole idea of this, Myrna, you being the music that would play in loved ones' ears......turning up the volume to encourage their dance. Cool poem.

  2. I enjoy the lighthearted 'tune' you 'sing' for this prompt, Myrna. I think it would be great fun to send a special tune to someone's ears to make them tap their feet to your chosen beat! Your poem made me smile.

  3. Music can be like words, pleasing to the one for whom it is especially crafted. And I too would like to hear someone I love hum my tune. This is a lovely poem, Myrna.

  4. smiles...would be fun to be music and work your way into the heart of the listener...and set them to moving as well....and to hear someone hum

  5. The musician in me absolutely loves this !!!!

  6. How fun and joyful Myrna ~ I would play right along with you ~

  7. Now if only the person next to me in the car that is rattling from overdrive would feel this way! LOL!
    Seriously. Very nice!

  8. to be music is fun and specially when you have the loved one to tap to your beat...lovely lovely....

  9. What lovely thoughts here--I would not have thought of being music.

  10. Ah, If I were music I'd play all the time. Ah, to be an unending song so much joy in that feeling.

  11. This is just so sweet--a really lovely idea, and very playfully expressed here--a real kindness about this music. Thanks! k.

  12. i can taste the notes in this, it really sings.

  13. music needs no translation... that is what i love - and it can be understood so easily... would be cool if all communication would go as easy and straight into the others heart...

    for some reason i'm not seeing your posts in my reader even though i'm following...have to check why this is...

  14. being music is has no boundaries..

  15. A beautiful love song, Myrna! Lovely poem.