Sunday, October 5, 2014


Flowers always seem happy.
Their soft, delicate petals caress the air,
as they sway in passive non-resistance to anything.

Yet, I suspect they're less than innocent.
They know about the world; laugh anyway
tickled by their own existence, 
aware of their power through beauty,
evoking admiration of their strip tease 
dance of love.

Yes, I think flowers connect us to love.
That's why we try to learn, to imitate 
not just their colors, their texture, 
that ephemeral something in their fragrance,

but the essence of their life's intention:
to give, 
to love us completely
before wilting.

How happily they wither into dust,
our gentle, loving, little teachers.

(Submitted to Poets United.)


  1. i want to give as much love as i can
    before this flower wilts...i imagine they understand they only
    have so much they reach for the sun
    and drink it in....

  2. Oh I so love the tenderness in "our gentle, loving little teachers." This is lovely, Myrna.

  3. Lovely write, Myrna! I am sure 'flowers connect us to love', to different kinds of love and in different ways.

  4. I do think as well that flowers are always happy. How can they not be when they bring such joy? But you are right...they teach a lesson in the way they love so totally before wilting. I guess we all do that, but don't always wish to think about it. Smiles.

  5. Beautiful and Yes! I'm just polishing a piece about my love affair with a Zinnia (well not just A Zinnia :-) It is about 600 words so I shyed away. But, I think I'll post it tomorrow. Yours in wonderfully sensual... mine not so much.
    Nice work! You set a high bar :-)

  6. flowers are beautiful teachers indeed in their humbleness and beauty... def. wanna spread love and beauty like they do...

  7. Think if the flowers really did it all for us, an intriguing thought.. But even if they don't their beauty still bring joy until they selflessly wither,..

  8. flowers are all about unconditional, selfless've wonderfully captivated the essence of their life's intention Myrna....

  9. Lovely thoughts spoken here Myrna. :-)

  10. Myrna this is exquisite… every part of nature has so much to teach us about life, how to live, how to die and so much more.

  11. And they are excellent teachers about life ~ Lovely message Myrna ~

  12. I like the idea of a flower being a teacher.

  13. never thought about it like that.. they have a job where they always look happy...