Thursday, September 11, 2014


I love the game of hide and seek.

Running I find an obscure place, small
like me, when I'm afraid,
where I can curl secure,
unheard, unseen 
while another tries to find me.
Closer, closer, 
I cover my face,
I fade 
into my surroundings.
Almost invisible, still
I can't maintain the silence.
My heart's beat gives me away.

"You're it!"  

Then, it's my turn to look
inside, over, under
some places not good for hiding,
one can get hurt,
or scarred, even trapped.
It takes a little time 
to find someone.

When you do,
you tend to jump,
to laugh, celebrate,
or cry if you're too surprised.
The game's not always just fun.
But I promise,
it's exciting.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.) 


  1. this extended metaphor is cool huh? I love how you related life's up's and down's to hide & seek... and My heart's beat gives me away is an awesome line.

  2. Yes the game of life can be thrilling, fun and dangerous. Well captured here in an excellent metaphor!

  3. Sometimes too exciting. I love your use of metaphor. Thank you.

  4. Ah, this is lovely and wonderfully understated . Thanks. K.

  5. I love that game when I was young ~ Sometimes you are it, just like in real life, you need to look for those clues & signposts ~ Have a good week Myrna ~

  6. I loved that game as a kid and it worked as a wonderful metaphor for life's surprises.

  7. This brought back memories, the excitement, the fear, the butterflies, holding my breath . . . all of it.

  8. The game of hide and seek can have many twists and turns....but, yes, as you have expressed -- it IS exciting!

  9. I like the excitement and feeling of surprise your metaphor suggests!

  10. Thank you for this insightful and exciting poem. I would never presume to know what this was a metaphor for but for my own interpretation it gave me big smiles.

  11. Love the excitement when you find someone.. This metaphor works so extremely well.

  12. it def. is exciting to discover the other - to really see them - and to be seen... and found...

  13. loved your extended metaphor...beautiful lines..i enjoyed this hide and seek..

  14. Glad to see you give life a chance and ride the ups and downs. Like hide and seek, finding common ground. In the long term your metaphor is definitely more rewarding and intelligent. Liked reading here, singing along.

  15. Your extended metaphor is marvelous, bringing to mind philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, all seeking that which is hidden; and the great joy of discovery; nice creative job on this one.

  16. Creatively done my lovely :)

  17. Ah..discovery, the excitement of, inspite of not always finding what we expect ;)

  18. Cool metaphor for the internal journey.......good one, Myrna.

  19. I suppose we all hide a bit from time to time,

  20. A creative metaphor for life. Good job