Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hildegard of Bingen. Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain) 

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) was so remarkable that it is impossible for me to even summarize her life and accomplishments here.  Susan at Poets United has asked us to write a poem inspired by one of the many talents and aspects of her life. I have chosen music and her ability to  push civilzation from the dark ages to the light.


Compose some music for us today, please.

Write us a song to calm unrest,
to stop us from using weapons
to divide, to justify what we think is right or wrong.

Weave lyrics to change misconceptions.
Lead us to believe
that we and everyone else are one
system, that's part of a system,
that's part of a larger system,
and so on.

Sing to help us See 
that excessive money is not a true quest,
that our Mother Earth needs our help Now,
before damage cannot be reversed.
Sing a loud warning, the earth is warming,
we've overindulged,
but can still be saviours of our own survival
if we work a song of love.

Let us hear that song from wherever you are,
so we can learn to sing it too.
So we can tap into power 
of harmonious cosmic symphony 
giving us visions of peace
that come true.

Thank you.  I hear it now.
Hildegard, I'm singing your song!
It's about our children, 
how they will sing in a New world,
where humanity and earth
simply, lovingly co-exist.


  1. A blogger introduced me to Hilgegard a little while ago. An incredible woman - and I am tracking down a biography to learn more. I am confident that she would love to think that she has inspired people (particularly women) to write poetry, music, create art...
    And humanity and earth co-existing is a WONDERFUL aspiration. Thank you.

  2. A great write in memory of her skills and what she did.

  3. Praying to St Hildegarde for environmental salvation of the world is a good idea. !

  4. A deeply thoughtful request which highlights the present day world -as well as honors the accomplishments of a great Saint ...

  5. From your mouth to Humanity's ears, Myrna. I love every line of this song/prayer. I especially love "if we work a song of love". Just wonderful!

  6. your poem was musical (of course) ending with a great message! remarkable!

  7. What a wonderful song that would be...a real celebration of the good things in life

  8. Wow! I know that some Christian faiths have Saints intercede and advocate for them in heaven and with God ~ and in that vain may Hildegard rise to the occasion! This is splendid in each section, how it calls for evolution and peace. Hildegard and God, hear our prayer!