Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hawaii 2012

He was called Impossible.
Not because he couldn't do things,
but that's all he said when questioned.
"Impossible. Impossible."

He refused other names.
Compulsive - "Impossible."
Delusional - "Impossible."
Psychotic - "Impossible."
Crazy - "Maybe," he said, but only once.
Everyone gave up on him,
teachers, psychiatrists, even his mother.
They left him alone.

One day, a crazy curious woman passed his way.
"Stop!" she commanded.
"Impossible!" said Impossible.
"Why?" she asked.
No one had ever thought of asking this before.
"Because," answered Impossible, pointing his chin
towards the vastness before him
filled with the forms
of oceans, lands, mountains, rivers, animals,
sky, sun, moon, stars, people always the same,
always changing.

"Oh." she said, "I get you."
She sat beside him.
Joined him.
She too found it impossible
to stop clapping.
They lived
happily ever after.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets where we're challenged to write a fantastical tale.)


  1. oh i love that he found someone who understood him and sat beside him and asked him questions no one asked before - and how well they match - cool storytelling myrna!!

  2. And how right he was.
    And how lovely that he found someone to share it with.

  3. Amazing images here.. I love how he pointed his chin.. and saw the vastness.. sometimes we need to ask the question why....

  4. smiles...gotta love those willing to take a chance...come at things from a different perspective...and make those connections....very cool story myrna

  5. A sweet fable, Myrna, that reads like a fairy tale. It is a wonderful moral when Love conquers all; smile; thanks.

  6. Oh, I love happily ever after and just refuse to believe it's "impossible" no matter what they say. Fun write, Myrna.

  7. no one ever thought to ask why? why? ugh, all it takes is a good listener - and that could make a world of difference for someone.

  8. this was such a beautiful read . . . loved how it took a person to stop and ask a question to understand :)

  9. Ha, I enjoyed the play on words in your poem, Myrna! Somethings ARE truly impossible to comprehend. Smiles.

  10. Well I love that they found each other, understood each other, and clapped to live happily ever after ~

  11. This made me smile - so there is hope for me after dementia? hee hee. Loved this, kiddo. Always love a happy ending.

  12. Oh I completely love your story - what a perfectly beautiful tale -

  13. I like a happy ending, even when it seems impossible :)

  14. I really liked the progression of your poem, Myrna, and how you kept the information about clapping until the end. Nice that he found his alter ego.

  15. Great work on this--"Why?" is one of the best questions to ask!

  16. a cool story with so many impossibles to a happy end...

  17. good to know that he found someone who understood him..very nice:)

  18. Ha...two crazies find each other...lovely!