Tuesday, July 22, 2014


"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." Albert Einstein

I gaze into the sky, so empty,
yet full of stars, and me,
so small inside a giant universe
of mystery where time moves
like a complex illusion amidst infinity
boggling my little mind,

its vastness also full of stars,
that twinkle in Pollyanish hope,
of utopian possibilities,
trying to undo this time
when humanity appears d/evolving
in battle with itself.

What can I possibly do?
to make my hope reality?
Me so small.
Can I carve a wrinkle in time?
or fold it, travel back to its beginning,
change its direction in space,
return to a place, like Eden,
when harmony reigned?
Can I stop time before we fall?

Maybe science will find answers soon,
or maybe someone small, like me,
will contrive a grandiose scheme
to unify us all.
For now, I'll focus on today,
whatever small or big thing I can do,
or think or say as time flies,
within the timelessness of the sky,
so empty yet so full of stars.

(Written for Dverse Poets.)


  1. Reflective write, Myrna. You really brought out our smallness, our sense of infutility in the face of time. Enjoyed!

  2. Yes, I too feel so small in the face of all the problems that face the world. It is good to focus only on today & doing what little things we can do to bring a bit of harmony to life. I liked the mention of the 'wrinkle in time,' as that made me think of the Madeline L'Engle book of the same name.

    (I linked you into dVerse, as your link wasn't there. Now it is.)

  3. Thank you. My feelings beautifully expressed.

  4. i'm sure we all carve wrinkles in time - however small they may seem in comparison to that giant universe, they make a big difference for someone - and in that we may find the answers to those big questions as well... love the reflectiveness and thoughtfulness...

  5. Thank God for the timelessness and expansiveness of the skies! A beautiful write, my friend.

  6. Love your musings on the vastness of time and the universe. But even though we are small...oh, so small...we can bring about change by living the best life we can. The trickle effect will reach out far and wide...

  7. You're metaphors bring a vastness of energy and light.

    I dig this poem by you. Excellent!

  8. I love your reflections on focusing on now under the sky so empty yet full of stars ~ Beautifully written Myrna ~

  9. Nicely written--focusing on the small things might not seem like much, but they all add up!

  10. I often wonder about the concept of time..I enjoyed your poem full of thoughts to ponder.

  11. Love this! The desire to control time: carve it, fold it, stop it, turn it back. Lovely!

  12. Time is infinite without a beginning or an end...i love the poem's rising from this now point and spiraling towards infinity...and our place there..."Can I carve a wrinkle in time? / or fold it, travel back to its beginning,"..my two favorite lines of this beautiful poem..

  13. It's scary sometimes to imagine how small we are in this large universe. I enjoy the insights in this lovely poetry :) "so empty yet so full of stars" i love this line <3

  14. From little things big things grow! Tend to the small things.

  15. ooh...I like this. I'm not sure there is a beginning of time nor enough time to find the answers to curing what we have wrought. living as best you can in the moments you have is really about all any of us can do...that sounds sad...I'll look forward to your grandiose scheme.

  16. Love the Pollyanish hope...even sounds like something she might say in her innocence yet wisdom of the questions asked...like you here.;)

  17. We all want to capture time and have more somehow...a thought provoking and wise write Myrna...I love it!

  18. Adore the idea of "folding" time. Beautiful sentiments expressed so softly.

  19. loved the way you have crafted this poem...we all try to carve a wrinkle in time..:)

  20. i like this so much. the detail you craft with the wrinkle fantasy amid the stars in the sky is wonderful.

  21. i dont know that i want science to figure out how to fold time...as much as we want to stay in that moment...i would fear changing it if i was able to go back to it...you know...smiles.