Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Smoke from the Carlsbad Fires.  

To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.
                                                 Isaac Newton

I like watching people
with waves.
Many, relishing water's soft, bubbly caress,
others laughing, gulped whole,
tumbling, surrendering to the sea.
Some, skillfully imitating nature's art.

I don't like watching smoke,
growing darker, defying the sun,
obscuring, replacing peace
with knowledge of people fleeing,
frightened, shattered by loss,
as grief engulfs them.

I dig my fingers in the sand,
as sandcastles are built,
a baby screams at first sight of the ocean,
a Japanese couple politely
acknowledges then laughs at my husband -
throwing his tiny "catch" back in the waters.

I see

empty chairs
abandoned on sand.
I wonder.

(Over at Dverse Poets, Mary has us using a quote to inspire or somehow connect to our poem.)


  1. Myrna, there are so many things one can learn from observing people at the beach, I think. I love the idea of building sand castles, both literally and figuratively. And, I am sure each empty chair tells a story!

  2. This is so reflective, showing many nuances of the beach experience. The fire situation seems so intrusive. We're dealing with one not far from here right now but thankfully rain has finally made it's way to Northern NV--I suppose that's helping a lot.

  3. I love to be in the beach and dig my hands into the sands ~ probably some folks forgot about the chairs on the sand ~ Good to see you Myrna ~

  4. perhaps they found the waves too much to resist or maybe the ocean worked its magic and they forgot all about them in the rush to get to the room...i need to get back to the beach this year...i need it...

  5. I can see this all so clearly, Myrna. You took me there. Thank you.

  6. i would love to know the story behind these chairs... sad on the fire - i hope no one died in it and i too love watching people on the beach or just close my eyes and listen to the wave's whisper...smiles

  7. The third stanza is pure magic… :)

  8. Empty chairs.. yes hopefully there's bliss somewhere and not the smoke that's swallowed them.. I feel like you give me (the reader) two possibilities here.

  9. I enjoy observing people too, especially with the eyes of the child in the quote you chose. As for the empty chairs, they do raise questions and may be food for another poem. Your photos are beautiful.

  10. It is so wonderful to see the quotes people choose. Isaac Newton - really surprises me.
    Lovely series of little sketches building up at a broader picture.

  11. I love the beach, too... and those empty chairs are a poem in the making!

  12. love these reflective lines...and the close may well be the beginning of new lines.... :)

  13. empty chairs - all the chances we never took, the dreams that the sun set upon.