Sunday, May 25, 2014


I chose to leave.

She's been quiet since,
empty, still, passively waiting
for someone to notice her, to chose to fill
her void with the sounds, the smells, the ruckus
of life living itself, unravelling time.

Cobwebs and dust have veiled her heart,
yearning, for someone to breathe back life
into vacant chambers.

It's hard to watch potential wither
unable to express
its strong embrace, its gentle being,
its classic beauty,
compared to others
younger, more modern, chic.

Though longevity is desired,
it's rarely admired.
Few are attracted to pace of aging.

I left her,
but still love her.
Disregarding reasons,
she simply welcomes my return.

They say one can never
go home again,
I am.

(Submitted to Poets United.)

I wanted to move near family, so I placed my house for sale and temporatily moved to a small townhouse in town  until my house sold.  Then we were to move near my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.  But often our choices are in vain.  My house, near the mountains I love, has remained vacant for over a year.  Hubby and I have decided to move back in. Though we're sad about not living near family, we're glad to remain with our old house and old friends.  Life flows.


  1. thanks for the note that helped me to understand the poem well..."Though longevity is desired, / it's rarely admired. / Few are attracted to pace of aging."..the lines speak of some hard truths...

  2. ah i have been there...when i moved the last time, our house never sold and i came home to my family...i am sure they know you still love them...and how hard it is moving back as well..

  3. i'm glad you're going to breathe back life into those chambers... sad though that you cannot live near your daughter... but as you say - life flows - and who knows what's round the corner next... all the best for the move

  4. Hi Myma, yes indeed some hard won truth here and written softly, but with integrity... With Best wishes Scott

  5. Thank you for the backgrounder ~ Its still home sweet home ~ All the best to you ~

  6. This is a beautiful poem, Myrna. You have breathed life into those walls. I am glad that you are moving back into a house you love, even though this was not what you intended to do in the first place. Best of luck with the move!

  7. I like the feeling of the empty place becoming a full again.

  8. I enjoyed this poem, Myrna. I do understand why you returned home again. Sometimes a person just MUST. And I am sure the house will be happy to have you there too.

  9. I am so glad you are going home, so the house can be happy again. Leaving those mountains would have left you with an ache in your heart. Fortunately, visits are easy enough to manage. Yay! Especially poignant: "cobwebs and dust have veiled her heart." I understand that old house!

  10. Myrna a lovely poem with a touch of sadness but, life will once again come to your home. Hopefully, you can make some visits to see the family.

  11. To pull out those roots.. Living close is one thing, living well is another thing. I hope you'll be happy and can visit your daughter a lot anyway.

  12. You are lucky that it is still waiting for you, forgiving desertion and welcoming you back. Hard to choose between two kinds of love. Any chance of a permanent meeting place halfway?
    I endjoyed this little ode to your home.