Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of Valentines, Love and Spinach

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(Photobucket - Kaytelp)

I love Valentines.
Mostly for its chocolate.
Intoxicating, creamy melt
eliciting ummmmms,
stronger UMMMMMS,
pheromone mists
awakening Aphrodite
as it sweetly, slowly
slithers down,
exploding ecstatic fireworks
then lifting        up,
where life floats upwards,
in balloon of caresses, smiles, words
transforming all to candy.

Wish I could eat chocolate everyday

but sometimes, I must eat spinach.
unsweetened love, like medicine
for daily living
or seemingly insurmountable tests,
tastes bitter, makes you swallow your tongue,
hurting from birthing forgiveness,
from stretching patience thin, slithering wet leaf,
when life looks ugly, rough tedious journey
in landscape full of thorns,
without even a mirage of hope,
when comfort of "together" plays hide 'n seek
with love's affection, waiting to be reborn.

I've lived a lot of chocolaty Valentines,
munched on Spinach too. Enough
to know a healthy love
eats both.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)

I'll be reading your blogs this week, but won't be writing much.  Baby sitting again.
 Have a Happy Valentine's Everyone.


  1. ah true...a healthy love eats both... chocolate seems to be much more tasty than spinach and yet - spinach is much healthier... ha...i love a good balance and i never got chocolate for valentine's day...sigh

  2. ha. a healthy love is def a balance. of the delicacy and sweetness...but also the doing what is write for the body...i rather like spinach anyway...i watched enough popeye...smiles....hope you have a wonderful valentines...

  3. Well, if I am honest, I am more one to enjoy spinach than chocolate. Somehow chocolate seems too sweet to me. I used to enjoy it, but I think I have lost my taste. Not that I would like spinach for a Valentine gift, mind you! Smiles.

  4. Nice. And yes, a healthy love eats both - but not together. Spinach flavoured chocolate just doesn't do it for me.

  5. I love chocolates & spinach too ~ Got to strike a balance, I agree ~ Wishing you Happy Hearts Day ~ Cheers ~

  6. I love both - not at the same time. Loved this, Mryna! Enjoy your grandbabies!

  7. You made me smile, Myrna! I like spinach and other healthy green vegetables, as long as they are nicely cooked and are not bland!

  8. Myrna this is wonderful… so many beautiful lines threaded through the chocolate and the spinach… I wonder how they'd taste blended together with the right spice… after all as you say they are both part of a healthy life.

  9. Ah.. yes.. to live on chocalate alone would be tough ... great choice here... love it.

  10. A healthy love does have both :) Happy Valentine's Day.

  11. such a heart warming poem on the eve of V day

  12. Spinach is the last thing I would connect to a Valentine Day's post but you have said it - who wants to always eat chocolates, there are other great tastes as well and a healthy love does have different tastes - In life and in the tongue!

    Wishing you much love on this occasion, my dear Myrna.

    Big hugs.

    Joy always,

  13. So true--but I love the spinach part of love--I wonder what that says about me--

  14. I like the movement as well as the sentiment of this poem. It is beautiful.

    Have you seen the movie Chocolat with Juliet Binoche? I think you would like it.