Saturday, November 2, 2013



She ripped the pink horse I'd colored
when I was five.
Said there's no such thing.
All horses are black or brown,
look at reality!

I did.

Still, I see calmness in their gentle eyes
connecting to mine, beaming soothing comfort,
complete acceptance of  virtues and flaws
speckled in me.

I recognize horses' strength of passion red,
tempered by whiteness of non-violent waves,
their sensitivity to other lives,
their sweetness, their quiet innocence
making them appear shy.

Sometimes they give so much,
forget they're horses,
worthy of their own love,
enmeshed with riders
who disregard their pain,
they run naively, willingly
towards unknown plains.

I know horses are of different colors,
but I can't help but see them
through a tinted lens,
the way many people look at me
and see me mostly
as rosy pink.

(We're prompted today to write about colors at Dverse Poets..  I chose my favorite color and looked up its attributes at


  1. Myrna, this was a lovely poem. Well done and a great read. >KB

  2. The way we see others and they, us , are different and may be rose-tinted ~ I like to look at reality but in mind it can be a different color or shape ~ Happy weekend ~

    PS - perfect title ~

  3. I look at horses like that too - through the tinted lens of love... wish more people were willing to see

    a lovely poem

  4. Lovely creation and reminder to cherish our imaginations :)

  5. ...your colour may be dark or white or yellow, or whatever is seen deep down your skin but it doesn't mean you are you with the colour you model.... what the world see is only skin deep... it's you who'll decide what colour you represent inside.... you can mix & experiment but true colours can't lie in the end... can't hide too long... smiles...

  6. smiles...i like how you worked in horse of a different color and rose colored glasses...too it made me think on how many things (horses included) we can take for granted in what they do for watching the horses at the stables nearby...

  7. Very nice. I love the connection between the horses and yourself! :-)

  8. one of my favorite horses, Snickers was almost pink. He was very proud and would have been horrified - but still we trusted him to carry the smallest children.

  9. Ah, the horse of a different color....a phrase we use sometimes in a deleterious you give the horse due honor and praise and poetically let us know everyone is beautiful, no matter what color or class or gender or origin..a favorite animal of many...beautiful and no less...

  10. And people like that would tell you that there are no unicorns either. What a sad and drab world they live in.

  11. You see more than the visual in the world around you. You see with wisdom and heart, M!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  12. Ah, I can truly relate to that. A nursery teacher once tore up my son's drawing of a monkey (in all colours of the rainbow), because she said 'all monkeys are brown'. And my son came home crying: 'But it was monkey-shaped fireworks that I wanted to draw!' Great write - sometimes you have to see life through your own lense (we all do anyway, but we just refuse to admit it).

  13. ah she had never heard about fauvism...color the world how you see it... i love how you connect to the horse on a different level - how your reality was much bigger and deeper of that what someone else would see in it... and that for me makes a big part of life quality... to see beyond the visible - in the colors we feel they have..

  14. How sad that someone would rip your pink horse when you were five. I love the imagination of children. It is something to foster, not something to destroy. I am glad you still see horses through tinted lenses.

  15. BEautiful dear Myrna… I'm glad you still are able to see through the tint of love, openness and possibility!

    Please consider yourself officially invited to participate this year's 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions (it is very simple) and a link that explains the origin of the word quilt can be found at the top of my blog. In past years there have been participants from every continent except Antarctica.It wouldn't be the same without you:-)

  16. So sad...I love that you still see horses through tinted lenses...beautiful.

  17. Well, that's just awesome!! I like the red and white to pink analogy.

    I think some riders to tend to ignore the horses' pain, good observance. My cousin, the horse lady, says horses have their own secret worlds and prefer their own kind to us. maybe it is so!

    I love all animals, and your poem here reminds me we are all created equal, whether human or animal. We all have the same feelings.

  18. Oh Myra, you clever girl...beautiful poem and wonderful analogy...

  19. I love the way you play on the "horse of many colors" idea and relate it to your life. The harshness with which we treat ourselves and others--and children!