Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sculpture in Taos, NM.  Didn't get the artist's name.

Did you see those clouds swallowing the mountains?
or were you busy baking a wedding cake?
or walking in pain? noticing every step.
Did you watch the river instead?
powerless to hasten or direct its flow.
Did you submerge? eyes open beneath, you
breathing water, swimming somewhere unknown.

Did you curse the news in fear
thinking the world will spiral to hell?
Then sipped your coffee thinking,
"What am I to do?"

Have you made love today? in your singular way?
Or did you merely make your bed?

Did you sculpt a masterpiece on ice
or paint it with chalk on cement?
Did you write a poem like ice cream?
saw it melt, drip from the heat of your mind
then licked it, savored it before dissipating
like all things do, like the thrill
you felt the first time?

(Submitted to Dverse Poets)


  1. I read this like the things we do in vain, writing poetry in ice-cream and sculpting master-piece in ice. All just in vain, still we can always hope that we have created something permanent inside... enjoyed the feeling it created inside.

  2. first - love the sculpture... and very cool how you make us hear their conversation....love the questions you ask as well...and i'm def. all for chalk drawing on cement...but you know that already...smiles

  3. ha. did i write a poem like ice cream and lick it up when it melted...i love that....did i make love, not yet, but i can fix that...ha....and did life overwhelm you to the point of drowning. it tried early but did not get me...smiles.

  4. It is all choice isn't it--the choices we make--and the reasons we make them--thought provoking piece

  5. Yes yes yes all of the above--some yesterday, some tomorrow, but I am not about to waste that melting ice cream, it's here, there, in a poem somewhere, I wrapped all good things up just in case ....

  6. Myrna, This is a beautiful poem. I loved you last stanza but only because it was so sensual. The rest was just plain exquisite.>KB

  7. As long as it seems one is living life to the fullest I guess IT could be anything...or even nothing...

  8. Well I wish I did half of your questions but alas I went with my normal office routine ~ Next time I will write a poem, I will let it melt like an ice cream ~ Smiles ~

  9. My new favorite of yours, kiddo........how we do keep on creating and moving forward, even in light of - or in spite of - the daily news. Sigh. I loved the ice cream part, too!

  10. We are as the grass. Lovely.


  11. walking in pain, noticing every step
    how often life can feel just that
    beautiful write here

  12. That was deep, for me anyway. Nicely written.


  13. ..oh, this is excellent Myrna! ....the way you layered each question & the comparison of one after another --- so beautiful.... and the latter part is just wonderful to read.... one of the most beautiful thing i've read today... thank you... loved it... smiles...

  14. Write a poem like ice cream ... I love that. Love your ideas here and the questions. :)

  15. 'write a poem like ice cream' lick it up..oh yes, daily lapping up the truths, the pain, the ecstasy of words that drip through my pen as I ponder the mountains, clouds and rivers af nature and of life...nice poem

  16. Yes :). Really enjoyed this, a reminder of what's important.

  17. Yes. :) Loved this a sense filled feast of things that truly matter.

  18. Myrna, this is so very good. The last stanza that reminds us of the transience of everything we "do," it such a good reminder to wake up and "be."

  19. Do we live, or don't we? Well done.