Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pesky Dot

Last night, a black buzzing dot flew uninvited
determined to interrupt
my viewing TV before sleep.

I hate intruders
in my thoughtless repeated choices
devoid of true intentions,
possible foggy residue
from childish idea of freedom
I'm unwilling to discard.

Even more, I hate flies,
they spit then ingest,
while walking over everything I avoid,
rotten things, excretions,  filth.

Dot buzzed around my ears,
stood on my nose.
Stubborn, persistent disturbance,
made me smack, hurt myself.

I hated it's eyes,
so open, allowing ample light for sight.
For an instant I envied its wings,
so quick to flutter in life.

But as foe, a fly's no match
for human with human devices,
stubborn to kill, extinguish
whatever nuisance goes by.

So I chased it
then waited,
it landed still,
quick violent SWWWAAAT...

Afterwards, attempting sleep,
mental dots
uncontrollably kept

I fought thoughts.
Is there a lesson?  Even from a fly?.
Could enemy so annoying have purpose
if only to exist for such a little time?
And me? learning from a bug!
about my dots inside.


  1. smiles...i think we have the capability to learn from all things...even the enemy and maybe at times especially our enemies...def one to ponder well beyond the fly...smiles.

  2. that drawing and maybe there's one or two lessons we can learn from those bugs about ourselves - really - as a kid i had a fly friend once - i was trying to teach her to rub her front legs - i thought i taught her -but she already had learned that before she met me...smiles

  3. You are a serious poet. Your pieces are about something readers can relate to. Small things reflect big meaning in your work. Connecting the dots- fly specs & sleep time visions a brilliant touch. Much poetry begins swimming before my eyes after too many words. Yours is a path I can follow, always to somewhere worth going.....


  4. "learning from a bug about my dots inside...." wow, Myrna. I love it that we learn, even from flies.

  5. Enjoyed your pursuit of that pesky fly, Myrna. And additionally, I enjoyed your reflections on its meaning. Only a poet would think beyond the SWAT. Smiles.

  6. I suppose there is a lesson in everything...even if we have to learn it from a fly...but I still don't like them

  7. I would be annoyed with the fly like you. But then again you have a sensitive soul, so you reflect on its meaning, including dots ~ Have a good weekend ~

  8. Funny how things like these can cause us to contemplate weightier matters. Cool piece Myrna.

  9. Little creatures but big in nuisance and danger. One takes lightly of the risks they bring and pay for it. Nicely Myrna!


  10. Very insightful:) I love the message here. What a humorous look at inconvenience and that which MUST be suffered in favor of lessons learned. Thank you for sharing.

  11. the world is alive and tapping your brain. great, worthy reflection. the spirit of an elephant is great that shows kindness to an ant, or something like that. love your take here...

  12. to be clear, i am no fan of flies:)

  13. You remind me of how I used to hate spiders, still don't love them a great deal. However, I learned of Spider Woman (Native American Mythology)and how she wove the constellations from the juices of her own being. And within her creation, the People found language. A spider is a great totum for a writer. It's body forms the sign for infinity. We learn what and where we are, and you show us that with the words you wove from your own experience.