Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Drinking morning coffee
I fail
at mindfulness.
I stare at steam rising,
gently disappearing into neverwas
as I inhale
strong smell of the brew.
I take slow, savory sips.
A picture of peace
I am.

the moment,
like steam,
I've been transported faraway
where streams flow in crazy directions.
Where circuits of my mind connect,
then involuntarily explode:

I was a child.  Grandmother insisted I drink coffee before school. Ha.  She thought it had nutritious value - to drink something hot.  
Funny thing culture and ignorance. 
What about those who are outraged that we actually name our dogs, instead of feeding them to those, hungry, who would appreciate them as food. Ouch. Is this truth? 
Ah customs, difference, science/superstition, health, closed minds /knowledge,  right/wrong, abuse/ neglect,  love/hate -  so often disguised, addiction/sobriety.
Here comes Einstein swimming in this mix.  I need to ask, "Did you mean ALL is relative, really?  Or just things - celestial bodies and such?" ..................                                            
My dogs, Leroy and Daisy,
wag stubby tails.
They want out NOW.
I sigh, focus,
if my next cup will be
as good as the first.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. lots of things going on while having that first coffee in the morning... i don't think that everything's relative but i think that there are certainly different angles of how we can look at things and depending on our background, culture and experience, we will def. look at things differently

  2. ha. funny where your mind will take you when you just sit there...naming dogs makes it personal...like knowing i take mine black...mmm...coffee...started drinking it when i was on the loading docks as a teen...too many sips you might be surprised where you end up...smiles.

  3. There is nothing like the FIRST cup of coffee in the morning & being loved by two dogs........ha, unless it is being loved by THREE dogs!! Smile.

  4. This is a really interesting piece of work, Myrna. You ask some really important and really deep questions, which have no easy answers.

    As for the meaning of things being relative rather than absolute, we have Richard Rorty and Jacques Derrida (amongst others) to thank for that.

  5. I liked the moment lost in thought, it worked very well.>KB

  6. I like your morning, Myrna. I am an owner of 4 dogs, so I can relate to this completely.


  7. beautifully written, loved the title (especially "conscious conscience").. and you do ask the best questions (Einstein's the best person to ask, I think, but sometimes it takes him a long time to answer ;) )

  8. You seem deeply mindful to me friend


  9. This is a very cool poem!!!!!! I love it. And I love your dogs, too!

  10. I agree on customs being funny but its all relative, hey ~

    Like the snippet too ~ Hope you are enjoying the second one as well ~ Smiles from BC


  11. Ah, so you were on morning coffee and and I was on lunch, trying to be mindful in our own ways!

  12. This, for me, was a reminder to be mindful in whatever I do...drinking coffee is a perfect example and a beautifully mindful share.

  13. Where the mind goes when we let it--and how good it is to bring it back to here and now.