Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The cowboy tipped his hat.
Something about this gesture so quaint,
intentional, custom made by rules of etiquette
from an era we now call wild,
made me stop,
Not handsome, big or muscular,
happy eyes, half-moon smile.
bolo tie with turquoise bead design,
long sleeve paid shirt tucked  
by thick leather belt around
black jeans topped
by huge southwestern buckle,
legs slightly bowed,
his gait, that of a winner.

I wonder why I saw
that cowboy.

I wonder too
when for no apparent reason
my captive eyes follow one particular cloud,
or rest on one sliding drop of water,
or examine one puff of dust.
Perhaps everything makes gestures,
invisible to me.
Tiny invitations
to see 
at least one.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. Hello, Myrna! I can see this cowboy very clearly, thanks to all your great detail.

  2. Myrna, I always used to be a fan of cowboys...so if I saw one today who tipped his hat I know I would take note. Hard to know sometimes why we SEE someone, isn't it? Why someone resonates with us....as this cowboy did with you. I know I would SEE him too!

  3. I wonder why I saw
    that cowboy.

    Honestly sometimes we tend to observe unwittingly things,people and events that otherwise go fleetingly away! The poet's mind is difficult to comprehend. But on hindsight it's good for everyone! Thanks for making us aware Myrna!


  4. smiles...i think we all want to be seen, and probably all have our tells like that cowboy or raindrop...i wonder too if it did not have more to do with you than them and being ready to see...there is a simple chivalry that still exists in cowboys too...smiles.

  5. I haven't seen a real cowboy ~ Smiles ~ I love that we notice these tiny gestures and invitations ~ That's positive thinking all around ~

  6. We see what He chooses us to see when it best suits His purposes. Loved this!

  7. it's sometimes strange how some things catch our eyes and some don't... i try to train myself to see the things around me, but i think those that draw our eyes unconsciously are those that make the biggest impact on us

  8. You definitely have the eyes and mind of a writer; noticing so many things, people, happenings, etc. There's a quote I love that says:
    "Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any."— Orson Scott Card

  9. An interesting read from the cowboy to the reflection on the observation...nicely done : )

  10. Great details here. Cowboys are cool :)

  11. This is such a gift, to be able to focus on something and really see. I live in cowboy land and sometimes when something is so familiar we don't really notice it. This is an invitation to look again.

  12. I grew up loving cowboys on TV and in the movies without having ever seen one in person. When I was 18, I made a trip to Trinidad, Colorado, and saw my first real cowboys near Amarillo. They looked even taller for wearing such big hats, and they even had spurs on their tall boots. It was one of my life's more memorable moments, yet I know that they didn't even know I was there because, after all, why would they?

  13. Such s sweet interesting poem. It is lovely that you stay very much on an observational level, without pronouncements. It makes the poem that much stronger.

    This is Karin from Manicddaily at Wordpress. Blogger wants me to use an old ID.

  14. Myrna,

    Seeing what we think, we can see; or simply tricks of wishful thinking or imagination...Your detail though leads me to believe that you did indeed see a genuine cowboy!!!

    Thank you for visiting my poem Myrna and nice to revisit you too:)

  15. i like your intimate view of nature and the world and our place in it. you capture the way he looks and your impression and it adds up to an iconic moment. trust your vision.

  16. Now tell me what did you see longer - The Cowboy or the cloud. I bet it's the former ;)

    A lovely tease this was!

    Joy always,