Saturday, July 13, 2013


Grandson and me, enjoying  pool time.

The world's gone crazy.
Instead of revolving around the sun,
it now twirls in circles towards it.
Everything ends, they say.

I watch the egg cook slowly on the concrete
as visible fumes rise above it.
It's the newest way of conserving energy.
Not the earth's, mine.
Too hot to cook like the old days
when TV shows encouraged
mixing, stirring, shaking.
Nowadays, movement kills
because we're all frying,
our brains melting,
our bodies d(r)ying.
Nothing is cool anymore
except maybe some memories
of ice.


Involuntarily I turn towards the sun.
Fear filters through me
as I see light filter through the window.
For a moment, I'm stunned.
Am I awake or not?
Gradually I think I know where I am.
I recognize the room, the bed, the stillness
in the house.

Realizing this early morn
I'm the first one up,
I decide to dip alone,
enjoy the pool of solitary fun.
I descend into the water
expecting a shock of cold.
Instead, I feel
like a vegetable transformed.
The water's soupy warm.
I smile, resign to thank it's perfection.
It's simply hot in Phoenix.

I don't look up,
the dawn is finished.
The sun burns,
the earth moves
in r/evolution.

I hope.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets where Claudia prompts us to write about summer heat, mirages, dreams etc.)


  1. I remember when I lived in Phoenix and that moment (perhaps 30 seconds) of goosbump chills when you went out of the lukewarm pool and let the water dry on your skin. It is after all a dry heat.

  2. It sounds incredibly hot where you are, Myrna, when even a swimming pool does not refresh. So true we don't cook like we used to. Thank goodness for microwaves on the hottest of days.

  3. the global warming... the power of the sun... it changed much those last years.... i remember that we went to the pool as kids for whole days with SPF 3 and it was ok... now we use 50...and the global warming...wondering where this will go.. a fine poem myrna.. and oy on the heat in phoenix..very nice pic of you and grandson...

  4. I liked this a lot eswpecially going from the hallucination into reaklity and ending with that questioning the earth revolving, or not.>KB

  5. Oh I LOVE this. The image of us twirling towards the sun......the early morning your photo too.

  6. ha...oh my...what a crazy dream eh, the earth now spinning toward the sun...some days it gets hot enough to feel like it eh? ha like your d(r)ying word play as well...smiles...and in r/ write myrna

  7. I have some bacon to go with your sidewalk fried egg.

  8. You are a skilled poet!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  9. ..the earth still keeps moving around the sun and we keep wondering what it's all about; I like your thoughts today and wish we could reverse the way things are going...

  10. I think you need to come to the midwest for some snow this winter!!!

  11. Nothing is cool anymore
    except maybe some memories
    of ice.

    You're absolutely right there Myrna! One has to search and look for it! Only then life has so much to offer! Great thoughts!


  12. Wow, Myrna, a wonderful blend of the inner and external environment. Your words have a refreshing newness these days and I'm loving the way you fuse your talent into the present day scenario. The d(r)ying part was excellently done.

    Joy always,

  13. I really liked the subtle message behind this about our warming planet. It keeps getting hotter and hotter, each year a record. Thanks for the addition of the pool into this to cool down our minds and tempers as well. The lake near my family's cabin in the woods of New Hampshire is like bath water... it's still better than the nasty humid air and airplane-sized skeeters though! Nice write. -Mike