Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I attend Tai chi class,
trying to master martial art,
along with the art of living,

s t r e t c h i n g,

uncooperative joints
inflexible muscles,
resisting gentle discipline
that could soften
painful hardness of time.

Resentful thoughts arise,
asking why
life keeps flapping,
cracking, sagging, dragging
my body, a mismatch to my mind,
young, dancing to current tunes,
still waiting to feel wisdom seep in
fluidly, gently, miraculously
someday when I'm old.
But I am

enough to recognize folly
of infantile thinking,
enough to lovingly smile
kindly at myself,

and at him, a man in class -
immobile, misfortune struck,
doing as much as he painfully can,

Our teacher reminds us,
I try,
as my arms float through air,
breath coordinates slow motion,
to all that's left
to learn.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. my daughter told me that there was always a group of people doing tai chi in the park to close where she lived in sydney - i never tried it but reading this it sounds like a good way to find that unrelaxed spaces we all carry in us...and always so much left to learn..

  2. doing as much as he can---living...this would be a cool class to take...learning to channel, as you have done here in your words myrna....so much left for all of us to learn...smiles.

  3. Very cool. I took yoga and then after a year of practicing I hurt myself. I attempted to return but it was too painful. I am finally getting to the point of going back. ( I injured myself May 2012). I want to try Tai Chi and I will.

  4. I did Tai Chi for a couple of years. It is a wonderful practice for body and spirit. Wish I'd kept it up.

  5. I feel you and can relate... taking yoga and pilates classes...

  6. I understand 'young, dancing to current tunes.' Don't we all wish time would stand still....or be as we envision it in our mind? I think RELAX is what we do have to do, accept our limitations, and love ourselves for what we CAN do. I took Tai Chi for a while, enjoyed it; but have no desire to take it again.

  7. I LOVE Tai Chi but now that I have No Short Term Memory, I held up the class last time I tried and had to give it up. I did so love it though....once you master the moves (I remember from when I was younger and COULD do it) when the whole class gets into the same groove and performs it together there is a feeling like the best meditation EVER!!!!!! I envy you. I long to do it and cant, any more.

  8. I can relate to the uncooperative body and mind as we grow older ~ But we try to open to learning and get all we can, don't we ~ Nice to see you Myrna ~

  9. Oh this is me in my yoga classes! I loved this!

  10. Breathe in and hold.....now exhale :) ~peace, Jason

  11. I have never tried but I have watched - the serenity in the poses, the fluid, graceful movements. The days past of dancing madly on a dance floor till in our 'age' we wish the ballerina in us to emerge. I enjoyed this.

  12. Very wise poem---hard to have that detachment. k. (This is Karin, Manicddaily). k.

  13. I have never tried Tai Chi, but it sounds nearly painful. My body would surly protest too.

    Beautiful poem.


  14. You are a true poet, and your work illumines my human condition :)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  15. Tai Chi can be very graceful. Nicely ayala


  16. Tai chi, rebuilding the body and spirit. Great poem and may your spirit continue to blossom.

  17. What a great description of Tai Chi you gavew along with your thoughts.>KB

  18. "...all that's left to learn."

    And yet, after all that, what do I really KNOW?

    You sure do present a great setting (your post) for learning, and discerning. Talent wins!
    Thank you...

  19. I practice Yoga, so this is something I could relate to. Nice write.


  20. Ah, I've wanted to do this but nothing nearby. Loved your word play on the actual meaning and the words.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    Joy always,