Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sometimes I read for free,
paying only with approval or condescension,
I peruse books at Barnes & Noble, to buy at Amazon.
There’s a tinge of the unethical here, I think
as I sip my coffee for which I paid, so I’m not a total cheat.

My eyes slowly roam over the people, the rows of books
replete with thoughts, ideas and so many things.
I notice the picture of a young woman, lowering her pants
to show the thongs that split voluptuous cheeks. No wonder,
the magazine still lives pretending to sell cars, exploiting
the sacredness of..…I stop, laugh at myself.  Who am I
to judge?

I picked several books to inspect, to improve
my health, my spirit, to entertain.
The one from the poetry section is the only one
I read.  Proving to myself once again,  
that my choices reveal who I am.

Then her words flew into my breath,
feathers gracefully dancing in air, softly falling,
a prayer whispered for nothing in particular,
except to acknowledge, “I’m here.”

Once home, I couldn’t recite any of her poems,
yet, I knew them all because words are intended
more to be understood than to be recalled.

Now I thank the book store for having her books,
But mostly,
I understand better, 
why so many of us love this earth.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets)


  1. words are intended to be understood more than recalled...i agree with you....words dont get in the way of feeling....that is def why i would rather write to be felt and understood than to be fancy you know....and i read all the time at the bookstore...smiles...a word thief...ha...

    nice touch on the magazine cover as well...i must be a judge as well b/c it often makes me a bit sad...

  2. I like "my choices reveal how I am." So very true, I think. I also like that though you could not remember any of Mary Oliver's words when you got home you UNDERSTOOD them. That is a 'wow,' Myrna! I laughed about the young woman pictured on the magazine which pretended to sell cars. Ha!! I enjoyed your observations in this poem.

  3. very cool..need to check her out... i too could spend hours in book stores...when i went to paris, i visited shakespeare & company bookstore..the most fascinating book place i've ever seen, you can even sleep there for a night when you leave something written, then there's a piano and lots of people, piles of book, even though it's a small place...i could've stayed overnight...smiles

  4. Then again, who are you not to judge? Who is responsible for distinguishing good taste from trash?

  5. I have actually been writing too her poems ~ They are very inspiring and reveals her love for nature ~

    Happy Tuesday to you ~


  6. Books are so magical. I always dreamed of the day when I would be one of those people who wrote one. It means SO much to me that readers find, and find something of value in my novel. I told a story, but I also told MY story, the story of the Hawaii I found, and life's truths as I have discovered them.

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    Aloha from Honolulu, Dear MYRNA

  7. I guiltily do the same thing, though occasionally I buy something too, doing my little bit to prevent Barnes & Noble from going bankrupt... I love the bookstores but they're all disappearing...

  8. "Then her words flew into my breath,
    feathers gracefully dancing in air, softly falling,
    a prayer whispered for nothing in particular,
    except to acknowledge, “I’m here.”... yes, yes, yes... "all because words are intended
    more to be understood than to be recalled"

    how can we NOT love this earth?


  9. Oh , just lovely - very very nice. k.

  10. words are intended to be understood more than recalled...true! :) A lovely share.

  11. I SO love Mary Oliver. I have many of her books and reading one of her poems is never a disappointment.

  12. Yes, Mary Oliver does that better than anyone - she loves this earth and writes about it in a way which makes us love it too. You must read her The Leaf and the Cloud. OMG. Best thing ever written.

  13. Love this.... I could so relate! I only recently started reading, Oliver.... And was delighted to discover her wonderful words.

    Great write!

  14. very nice, this, & i do it too sometimes - just read in the bookstore... love especially the stanza you wrote about mary oliver's words - she's one of my favourite poets

  15. So beautiful, Myrna. I can just see you sitting there at B&N, sipping your coffee and watching people....after you've browsed through the rows of books that interest you...
    I'm so sorry I haven't stopped by in way too long. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading, and yours should always be at the top of my list!

  16. Nothing like the feel of a good book :)

    Lovely verse.


  17. ...it does feel that way when we read while in the store..but when you find something that captures you it's hard to put it down...if I bought every book I read snippets of I'd be broke...nicely done. ;)

  18. One gets engrossed in a bookstore. Savor it as bookstores cannot be around that long. Their days are numbered! Nicely Myrna!


  19. This was beautiful...a beautiful tribute to the wonderment of books :)

  20. i love bookstores. one thing i like is smelling new books

  21. Mary has that effect on me, too. She is a marvel.

  22. ....Mary Oliver is one of my current muses these days...and i am glad you can find inspiration from her works... thank you... and smiles...

  23. What an excellent scene--you describe Mary Oliver so well--I love her!! And, I admit, I sometimes read for free too :-)