Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A little snow on the mountains. 


I'm happy most days, 
content to stay home, play
with words, moving them around to see what they say,
watch how the mountains don't move,
how the desert shifts, yet each grain of sand simply fits,
how the fox and I connect with a longing stare,
him gliding across the road,
me alone with so many questions in the air, 
how my dogs sleep, until they hear the howl of coyotes,
skinny and jealous in the night.

But not all days are the same.
Some days, there's a tremor, a disturbance
making my heart pulsate to the tempo of fear,
my neck cement in pain,
my brain circumnavigate itself,
sparking scenes imagined,
flashes - not real
but they could be if...
and if...

and if...

Today's one of those days,
but I know the world revolves
around the sun.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. ha nice closure...not all days can be rainbows can they but they are what we make of them as we spin the words...and embrace what may come...you are surrounded by much life as well...to see the fox is very cool...

  2. Some days are not the same, I like that you are sensitive to the tremors in your body ~ Still the world revolves and moves on ~

    Wishing you a happy week ~

  3. It's like they say, tomorrow things will seem better. I so believe that!

  4. I love your mountains, Myrna. It would be amazing to see a fox. Love your description of the coyotes, "skinny and jealous"......I know of those days when a little fear or disturbance sets in. Those are the times when our eyes seek the mountains oftener than usual. I so relate to this poem, and love the wonderful closing lines, which sets the world back on its axis once more.

  5. Myrna, I understand the being happy most days and moving words around. Ah, what joy to play with words. How wonderful to connect with a fox. I feel good when I can connect with a white-tailed dear, as I don't see foxes. I do understand the fear too, Myrna. Perhaps it comes from being of a certain age....and who knows when those fears WILL be real!

  6. I love the feel of this and the sentiments here. Great write.

  7. One anticipates and prays for a happy day! In some instances it has a way of turning out as desired. Nicely Myrna!


  8. i love your honesty here...the closure is great as well...the assuring ourselves of the things that are fix and reliable in moments when we feel a bit shaken..can relate to this myrna...

  9. A beautiful write, Myrna. It speaks of faith and yet does so with an honest twinge of fear. There is nothing wrong with being afraid, as long as we no where to turn when it comes upon us.

  10. Wonderful. Hard to remember that so much of that kind of pain and fear is internal. (I think there's a lot of chemical causation - or an interplay between chemistry and circumstance.) Anyway, well done. k.

  11. I so identify with this piece. I really love the connecting with the fox with the longing stare. Great write Myrna, really enjoyed this.

  12. Myrna, this is so amazing. I, too, love to immerse myself in nature (connecting with the fox) and as I winter in the California desert I see we have another connection. And "those days" seem more frequent as we get a bit older, eh? I was only in the Bronx during a summer break from undergraduate school. I was "stationed" in Scranton PA at the time. What an experience--that summer in the Bronx, that is.

  13. The first verse of this is so calming, and the ending too: you keep the middle tremors in their place.

  14. oh Myra such beautiful, such feeling you can convey through your words...thank you...I had a day like this yesterday but yes all revolves...all passes...

  15. Just realised I spelt your name incorrectly dear one...my apologies!

  16. Excellent closure! I love your descriptions "and if, and if, and if"
    A wonderful poem :)

  17. Beautiful and honest... these feelings arise and pass, like the cycles of the moon, the turning of the earth, our circumnavigation of the sun.

  18. Myrna,

    This poem took me to my childhood, it took me on a long road trip ("my neck cement in pain") that included imagery of your New Mexico. You took me to places I've not been to in a while and I never left my chair. Thank you.


    Mark Butkus

  19. Let's hope the world always does that. Your poem is lovely and challenging.

  20. Dear Myrna, I too am happy almost always, just because I can view some beautiful natural scenery outside my windows.;) But I also have days when I contemplate and reflect and am more somber, I guess that puts my happiness in perspective.;) Love that beautiful photograph.
    Have a great weekend,