Monday, January 7, 2013


Watching a volcano in Maui.

There's a place
where I can go
to watch wonder.
When I'm there, I wander,
like a lunatic on speed,
far beyond any confines,
where gravity does not exist.
I know nothing of this place
or where it is, but it is.
Once there, I'm big, so big,
I've swallowed All there is,
becoming nothing in everything
that's inside of me.
But really there is no me.
There's no you either,
not even thoughts
of what should be.

I linger in this place
where all and nothing coexist
in strange emptiness, so full,
so complete, it's replete
with whatever it is I need.
But I've never really been there long,
just nano seconds of infinity
that I'm unable to prolong.

Perhaps I'm too loyal to this place here,
that seems so real, to feel
that there is a me,
who can at least appreciate
the tangible, huge and tiny
wonders I can consciously perceive.

(The prompt at Carry on Tuesday is "There is a place, where I can go.")


  1. smiles...having that place to retreat in our minds allows us to breathe a bit in our present reality....i have that...the weather there is much better at times...smiles.

  2. Such a peaceful place to be. Thanks for visiting. = )

  3. oh it is wonderful to have such a place myrna - a place that is independent of where we are in the moment... enjoy your times there..smiles

  4. your mind dances and invites us along!

    from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  5. Even if it's only for seconds, it's good to have a place like this to retreat to!

  6. This is really odd, Myrna, but last evening I was gathering photos of this very volcano, as I plan to write about it for an upcoming prompt. How coincidental. Lovely that you saw it in person. Wow. Up above the clouds.

  7. I know this place, (within)... it encompasses everything and nothing, everyone and no one... yes I visit there/here too.

    beautiful, beautiful writing dear Myrna! I hope all is well with your sweet grandson, all back to his healthy, joyful self.

  8. this place is so close, how can I not visit too often? Beautifully written...

  9. wonderful take on the prompt!!!

    happy new year!

  10. This piece is well done. We all need to spend more time in this place to sort things out and stay sane.

  11. Retreat to the Self, the only constant.

  12. YOU are not alone!
    Come inside my mind!