Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Taos, New Mexico

"I want to be free," he says.
He wants to roam in places unseen,
to mingle with beings unknown,
experience the joy of beauty unimagined.
He dreams, like a child
yearning for adulthood,
thinking that grown ups can do anything
untethered by rules 
that make them waste time
by following the commands of others.

"Me, I love where I am," she says.
She doesn't mind routine, or fences
of perceived stability,
repeated behaviors that don't risk shaking
comfort of family, friends and all that's familiar.
She dreams of tranquility, or is it immobility?
Like an elder resisting movement,
of arthritic limbs, in stillness constricting
flowing only towards stagnation,
predictable peaceful ending. 

No choice is wrong, they know.
Without conflict, relationships
can't grow.

So, though fear may be the core
of their differing stances,
their love is what mediates,
while their trust ensures,
the constant of their union.

(Submitted to DVerse Poets.)

The holidays are keeping me busy.  Not too much time to write, so this is all I could come up with today.  It's an exaggeration but there's truth to it. It's the theme of many of our conversations lately. Hubby dreams of traveling long term (staying away for months), me I'm content to stay home, though the occasional short trip is nice.  No right or wrong, but a compromise is needed.


  1. smiles....we are similar...i would love to travel...tara likes the stability...so i imagine soon enough we will have it again...lol...i am resigned a bit though due to the housing market...but you never know...smiles.

  2. I like the last stanza, trust and love underpinning the union ~

    Now that I am older, I would love to travel and see more places ~
    This is the reverse of my hubby who just wants to stay put ~

    Thanks for your lovely share ~

  3. their love is what mediates..


    lovely poem Myrna.. great theme and execution..

    loved it..

  4. Beautiful as always, Myrna! You really do not know how talented you are, as stated in your above sentence: "....so this is all I could come up with today."
    I would love to travel, too, but I'm like you. I couldn't stay away for MONTHS!

  5. Very nice, Myrna. Yes, despite the differences of opinion, your love will see you through. Perhaps there is a way to compromise. If so, I am sure you will find it!

  6. and do the beautiful wheel turns...

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  7. made me smile...i love to travel and i wouldn't mind to move for a while even to another country.. hubby is more of the stable sort and it's not always easy to find a compromise but we manage...smiles

  8. He who loves to travel should hit the road -- leave the one fearing behind. And then return, if he wishes and she wishes -- that would be the best world, I feel. She should not limit him because of her fears.

  9. OMG...I felt like you were snooping in on my husband and me. But you are correct--we work it out. Glad you were able to join us although I do understand "busy."

  10. love this stanza:
    No choice is wrong, they know.
    Without conflict, relationships
    can't grow.

    So true. Really nicely done, great read. thanks

  11. I'm sure this poem speaks to many dear girl. You know, as a single person, it also speaks to me...one part of me loves routine..the other yearns for adventure...and yes a balance is needed. A hug to you across the miles...

  12. The message is clear, Myrna! It's a win-win when things get compromised. And I love to hear such goodness of feelings existing between couples. Nicely Ma'am!


  13. This was beautiful - I totally understand you. I too find safety in routines and I love to be home, although I do not mind that occasional adventure.;)
    I am sure you will be able to reach a compromise, as you seem to be truly a couple that is still in love - and I believe that love is enough.;))
    Have a lovely weekend dear Myrna,

  14. so well penned Myrna. why don't u join www.poetry.com ?

  15. A great capture...so good to travel and so good to be home. I like both sides of the coin.

  16. This is beautifully done. A beautiful reflection on the nature of relationships.